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Our Ten’s List:  Worst Movies Featuring Hip Hop Stars

Our Ten’s List:  Worst Movies Featuring Hip Hop Stars Ringing out our month-long look at rappers in cinema, we’ve decided to award the no-prize for some truly terrible films.  We’ve given you our most wanted list, now it’s time to explore our most hated list.  Before we begin the bashing, we’re going to establish some ground rules: 1.  Only major releases.  I could sp...[Read More]

Straight-outta- compton box office wrap up

Straight Outta Compton celebrates its third weekend at No. 1 Hip-Hop biopic Straight Outta Compton continues to dominate the box office, earning an impressive $13.2 million – pushing its domestic total to an incredible $134.1 million, making it the highest-grossing musical biopic of all time, to boot, It’s also the first film to top the US box office for three consecutive weekends since Jura...[Read More]

Coming Soon Trailers:  No Escape, We Are Your Friends, POD

Coming Soon Trailers Time for another installment of trailer previews!  This week might just be your week for catching up on your Netflix queue, as there is a decided lack of interesting new releases.  I bet Jurassic World is still in theaters, though, so you’ve got that going for you… No Escape Owen Wilson moves his family of four to an unnamed Asian country in order to rebuild his li...[Read More]

straight-outta-compton-BOX OFFICE

The World’s Most Dangerous Group Tops The Box Office Again     Three new films entered multiplexes on Friday and none could unseat last weeks Box Office champ Straight Outta Compton. Compton raked in $26.8 million to keeps its throne, and that was more than enough for the film to cross the $100-million mark in just two weekends. An amazing performance fo a biopic. Compton wasn̵...[Read More]

Coming Soon Trailers:  American Ultra, Sinister 2, Being Evel

Coming Soon Trailers Time once again to explore what your cinematic options are for this weekend.  We’ve got a video game franchise reboot, another attempt at creating a spy film to distract you from the upcoming James Bond film, a daredevil documentary, and a spate of horror films that are prepping their houses way too early for Halloween. American Ultra What if Jason Bourne was a loser?  T...[Read More]

Movie Review:  Straight Outta Compton

Movie Review: It’s 1988 all over again, with N.W.A. tearing up the charts.  Instead of dominating the billboard, the group is making bank at the box office with their biopic, Straight Outta Compton.  Produced in association with founding members Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, the film explores the rise and fall of the influential gangsta rap super group N.W.A.  While the film features all five member...[Read More]

straight outta compton movie box office

Box Office Wrap Up: F – Tha Police Stunning is the only word to describe Universal’s Straight Outta Compton’s debut of $56.1 million. the film’s themes of racial injustice, free speech and standing up to authority still resonate today. The murders of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Cameron Tillman, VonDerrit Myers Jr., Laquan McDonald, Carey Smith-Viramontes, Jeffrey Holden, Qusean Wh...[Read More]

Our Ten’s List:  Best Movies Featuring Hip Hop Stars

Our Ten’s List:  Top Ten Movies Featuring Hip Hop Stars The early 90’s was the heyday of two musical movements:  Rap and the music video.  Hip Hop as a genre thrived on pushing boundaries, and this naturally led to artists playing with the medium of music videos, often creating works that were closer to mini-movies than to traditional music videos.  Several performers made the jump fro...[Read More]

hateful-eight trailer

Why the Hype In late 2013, Quentin Tarantino revealed on the Tonight Show that he enjoyed making Django Unchained so much that his next film would also be a western. Then things got weird.Shortly after the interview, the screenplay was leaked on the internet (Tarantino had some thoughts on who was responsible,) understandably infuriating Quentin. To make matters worse, released the link...[Read More]

Coming Soon Trailers:  Straight Outta Compton, Air, One & Two

Coming Soon Trailers This week is packed!  In major releases, we get a modern take on a semi-classic spy series and a musical biopic about gangsta rap.  For limited release and VOD, we have an embarrassment of potential riches:  a sci-fi thriller, a supernatural revenge flick, a sexual assault revenge flick, a foreign language sexual assault revenge flick, and a spree killing revenge flick.  That ...[Read More]

Movie Review: Dragon Ball Z –  Resurrection ‘F’…Underpowered!

Movie Review The last two years have been momentous for fans of the long running series, Dragon Ball.  Last year, the series managed to re-ignite interest with a big budget feature film, Battle of Gods, that also happened to be totally worth watching.  This year, the series was revived on television with all new episodes, and also launched a second major film that scored megabucks at the box offic...[Read More]

Fantastic 4 box office

Fantastic 4 Gets clobbered at the Box Office The 20th Century Fox reboot of Fantastic 4 is one of the worst Box Office openings for a marvel brand since Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, which opened with $22.1 million. F4 barely surpassed that with $26.2 million, far short of the projected $40 million. Bad reviews doomed this film, Peter Travers gave it zero stars and called it “the cinemat...[Read More]

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