See It Instead: Interstellar


See It Instead:  Interstellar Time once again to scour the bargain bin and bring you excellent films from yesteryear.  When Continue Reading →

Retro Review: Silence of the Hams

-Sup, Dom.
-Sup, funnybone.

Retro Review:  Silence of the Hams You’ve probably seen image threads about hilariously bad knock-off toys, like Superman with his Continue Reading →

Our Ten’s List: Top Ten Worst Stephen King

Oh please!  Please kill me early so I don't have to be in this film any more!  Please!!!

Top Ten Worst Stephen King Films Last Halloween we celebrated our favorite adaptations of novelist and erstwhile pedestrian Stephen King.  Continue Reading →

My Favorite Monsters: Vampire Edition

And THIS is why practical effects will always be scarier than CG.

My Favorite Monsters:  Vampires Let’s face it, most movie monsters these days suck.  Sparkly vampires, shirtless werewolves, Nazi zombies…Hollywood keeps Continue Reading →

This Week In Box Office History: Show Time! (Focus: 1988)

keaton beetle

This Week in Box Office History Ah…so where were we?  Took at little bit of a vacation there, and apparently Continue Reading →