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Coming Soon Trailers:  Keanu, Ratchet and Clank, High-Rise

Coming Soon Trailers. This week we have an even mix of new releases and video on demand, all with a nice spread of genres and budgets.  I guess everyone is trying to get their wares to market before the superheroes arrive next weekend and dominate the summer season.  Let’s get cracking. Wide Release Keanu Two lovable losers with no street cred must impersonate hardened criminals in order to ...[Read More]

Retro Review Double Feature:  The X-Files

Retro Review Double Feature. Capping off conspiracy theory month, we’ll look at one of the most iconic series in the genre, The X-Files.  With a television run that spanned decades (and was recently given a second third shot at life) as well as a pair of feature length movies, The X-Files did more to bring the fringe of conspiracy theories to modern audiences than any other series.  Sorry, A...[Read More]

The Huntsman Winters-War box office wrap up

It’s Still A Jungle Out There The Jungle Book remains the king of the box office fending off the likes of The Huntsman: Winter’s War. While Disney’s CGI masterpiece propelled itself to the third highest grossing Walt Disney Animations release ( Behind The Lion King and Frozen) The Huntsman failed to live up to the $56 million opening of it’s predessor Snow White and the Hun...[Read More]

Movie News Roundup:  Inhumans delayed, Spider Man rebooted, Blade Runner 2 moves forward.

Movie News Roundup:  April 23rd 2016. In our second week of the News Roundup we have a ton of superhero movie news, some high profile additions to established projects, and a couple of remakes in the pipe.  We also take a look at three new trailers for films coming out this year:  Jason Bourne, Warcraft, and The Magnificent Seven. Casting News Willem Dafoe joins Justice League roster DC comics add...[Read More]

see it instead elvis and nixon

See It Instead:  Elvis Overdose! This weekends new release, Elvis and Nixon, is precisely 50% Elvis, as the title implies. We thought we could do better. Here are four movies you can watch instead on the cheap, each with the surgeon general’s recommended dosage of hunka hunka burning love. Elvis and Nixon (2016) Kevin Spacey plays President Richard Nixon, who is currently loathed by the Amer...[Read More]

Terse Trailers The Magnificent 7

Terse Trailers Another week another batch of rotten trailers. In an effort to save you a few bucks, here at Deluxe Video Online we track down the worst of the worst. In this week’s trailers we have a remake of a remake, A fuck you to fans of the Star Wars EU, and an inexplicable movie of a franchise that was popular three years ago.. The Magnificent 7 So what we have here is a remake of The ...[Read More]

Conspiracy Theory Movies

Our Favorites:  Conspiracy Theory Movies. It’s time for another installment of the award-show feature where we look at our favorite films, actors, and actresses in a given genre.  Seeing as this month we’re looking at conspiracy theories, we’re going to broaden the top category to include every major vein of conspiracy that’s been given any significant treatment in movies (...[Read More]

The Huntsman winters war trailer

Coming Soon Trailers. There’s only one new wide release trailers this week, The Huntsman – Winter’s War, a Universal Studio’s follow up to the live action fantasy adaptation of the Snow White story.  The first film, Snow White and the Huntsman, failed to make back its budget domestically, but went on to gross almost 400 million after including over-seas tickets.  So guess w...[Read More]

The Jungle Book Box Office Wrap Up

Jungle Book Dominates The Box Office The Jungle Book ruled the weekend box office, grossing a massive $103.6 million, and (unfortunately) extending the life of Walt Disney’s live action versions of its classic animated features. The Jungle Book’s earnings are surprising, we all know that I thought this film was shit via Terse Trailers, but even the most optimistic industry insider didn...[Read More]

Movie News Roundup:  Avatar sequels, Bill and Ted 3, Godzilla Resurgence and Idris Elba!

Movie News Roundup:  April 17th, 2016 The nature of movie news tends to be tiny pebbles of actual material surrounded by a snowball of conjecture.  Sounds great, so we decided to hop on board.  This is the first edition of a weekly-ish weekend feature where we’ll try to round up all of the announcements, new trailers and casting news for you, saving you from having to dive into a whole metri...[Read More]

Movies That Ruined My Childhood:  Dumbo

Movies That Ruined My Childhood. Disney has been busy as of late.  Between Star Wars, Marvel, Zootopia and several big budget remakes, they have a lot of irons in the fire.  This weekend’s adaptation of The Jungle Book is ditching the hand-drawn cartoons for computer generated animals, which may leave some children with some vivid nightmares in the foreseeable future.  We’ve seen that ...[Read More]

VOD netflix and amazon Prime

My apologies that this post is a bit late as I spent the end of March and beginning of April in Vegas, binge drinking and gambling like a deviant. Now that my fine motor skills have recovered somewhat I am ready to dive in and take a look at what VOD has to offer this month. A lot of great content this month on VOD, If I had to choose subscriptions I am leaning towards Amazon Prime. Netflix A Cloc...[Read More]

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