Box Office Wrap Up: Beauty and the Beast Mauls Box Office.

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Box Office Wrap Up: Beauty and the Beast Mauls Box Office.

Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast set all kinds of records on its way to number 1.

…And now we get live action adaptations of EVERY Disney cartoon from now until the end of time.

Box Office Wrap Up: Beauty and the Beast Mauls Box Office.
It turns out, nothing earns like Gaston, either!

Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Beauty and the Beast Mauls Box Office.
“I drink your milkshake! I drink it right up!!!”

Beauty and the Beast swept to the top spot this weekend, breaking records all along the way.  The 170 million dollar opening weekend was in the top ten all time openings (adjusted for inflation, it still cracks the top twenty.)  It is the all time best opening for March AND Spring, even adjusted for inflation.  It surged past Finding Dory as the highest earning opening for a PG or G rated film.  If Disney was worried they might not equal 2016’s phenomenal box office record, Beauty and the Beast erased that concern.

Adding in all of the other films in the top ten, last weekend crushed previous March totals.  On just the strength of two weeks, we’re already half way to beating last years earnings – no mean feat considering last year at this time Star Wars, Finding Dory, Zootopia and Deadpool were still going strong.

Top Three Films.

Beauty and the Beast obviously made the biggest noise, taking in 170 million dollars domestically and 182 million dollars overseas.  Disney’s gain was everyone else’s loss, as most other films saw a drop of more than 50% to their earnings.  The films that weathered the storm the best were Get Out and The Shack, two films very much outside of Disney’s targeted demographic.

Box Office Wrap Up: Beauty and the Beast Mauls Box Office.
Brought low by a girl in a yellow dress. Sad.

Second place went to Kong: Skull Island.  The film dropped precipitously to 28 million in takes, down from last week’s debut of 61 million.  With such a large drop off, it seems that it will just about make the 175 million to 200 million dollar domestic mark overall, though foreign ticket sales are still strong and will help it hurdle its 185 million dollar budget easily.

The third spot went to Logan, which dropped about 54% to 17 million in ticket sales at home.  The film, with a more modest 97 million dollar budget, has grossed 184 million domestically, and is likely to wind up between 225-250 million dollars.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Beauty and the Beast Mauls Box Office.
Don’t worry guys, people will love us on Netflix.

Get Out stayed strong in fourth position, adding another 13 million dollars to its hefty take of 133 million.  Compared to its 4.5 million dollar budget, Jordan Peele has to be riding high on those figures.

The other wide release, The Belko Experiment, had a modest debut.  With a small budget of 5 million dollars, the 4 million dollar opening is decent but not amazing.  Critical consensus on the film is mixed to negative.  We’ll be reviewing it tonight to see how it stacks up against the critics.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions.)

1.  Beauty and the Beast  (170.0)

2.  Kong: Skull Island  (28.8)

3.  Logan  (17.5)

4.  Get Out  (13.2)

5.  The Shack  (6.1)

6.  The LEGO Batman Movie  (4.7)

7.  The Belko Experiment  (4.0)

8.  Hidden Figures  (1.5)

9.  John Wick:  Chapter 2  (1.2)

10.  Before I Fall  (1.0)

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