Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.

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Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.

Much like our treatment of The Force Awakens, we’ve got mixed opinions on the latest Star Wars!

While one of our editors was satisfied with Rian Johnson’s middle movie, The Last Jedi, two of us were left less than pleased.  As a counterpoint to Nate’s excellent article about his positive opinion, Erik and I took to the podcast to discuss what parts of the film worked, what parts disappointed, and which parts left us genuinely pissed.

Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.
We feel you, buddy.

Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.


A New Hope?

Going forward, it’s going to be interesting to see what direction the final movie in the trilogy goes in.  J.J. Abrams is back in the driver’s seat, and that may not be a good thing!  The Force Awakens played it very safe and The Last Jedi countered that by playing very risky.  Does J.J. come back and re-re-adjust the direction of the franchise?  Disney seems very pleased with Rian Johnson, which may mean many of his changes will stick.  Abrams is going to be coming back to a story where most of his cute little riddles got exploded, so his answer to that challenge could be interesting.

Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.
See that, J.J.? Those are all your precious riddle boxes. Your move.
Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.
Do something new. In fact, how about going forward in time instead of digging up the past?

Speaking of Rian Johnson, I have to say that one thing The Last Jedi managed to pull off is to make me interested in his announced trilogy.  Being given a clean slate and fresh characters, I think his sensibilities could invigorate the extended universe which has been pretty much only interested in filling in back stories up to this point.  I hope to goodness they don’t saddle him with any cameos and let him stake out new territory.

It’s Just an Opinion.

The Last Jedi certainly got fans and critics talking.  With just three heads to knock together, even we couldn’t come to a consensus.  A good film, a flawed film, or a complete bust, it inspired a lot of conversations.  (And a few shouting matches, but I swear I’ve calmed down by now.)  We’d love to hear feedback from other fans or critics, so drop us a line below.  Just keep it clean and above the belt, and may the force be with you!

Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Criticisms.
Move along.

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