April News: New Movies Announced, Insider Gossip

April News:  Hollywood’s Brilliant Future.

Now that the March doldrums are behind us, we’re hearing a ton of chatter about new films on the horizon, shake ups in current franchises, and exciting announcements about long awaited projects that have gotten some new life.  Some of the names attached to these upcoming films were quite a shock!  Without further ado, lets see what Hollywood has in store for us.

Current Project Changes

Suicide Squad Makes Major Adjustments

You may have heard that Suicide Squad is currently in the midst of an 11th hour re-shoot, after fans reacted positively to the humor in the trailer, but negatively to Jared Leto’s tatooed take on the Crown Prince of Crime.  The re-shoots are substantially altering the tone of the film to pivot away from the grim and gritty nature of the Snyder DCU, but the depth of the changes may be shocking.

The way it was meant to be.
The way it was meant to be.

The biggest shake up was Warner Bros. cancelling Leto’s contract.  It may seem like canning a big name star and major focus of the feature so late would spell certain doom, but Warner seems to have an ingenious out:  all of Leto’s scenes are going to be digitally altered to feature  Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight Joker.  In scenes where Ledger didn’t already have usable footage, a 3D hologram is going to be inserted instead.  To make the dialogue sync up with the current script, long time voice actor for the character, Mark Hamill, has agreed to provide the voice of the iconic villain, as his take was seen as more “fun.”  Can’t wait!

Deadpool Breaks the Respectability Wall?

The run-away success of Deadpool has got Marvel salivating over the prospect of including him in the MCU.  In a move similar to their recent negotiations with Sony over the Spider-Man character, Marvel Studios has inked a deal where Fox will allow them to use the sarcastic assassin for hire, in return for loaning out some of their star power to a future Fox project.  Are we finally going to see an Avenger/X-men team up like fans have been clamoring for?  We’re hopeful.

Early story board shots.
Early story board shots.

The Deadpool project ties in heavily with the wider events of the Infinity War story arc that Marvel is currently creating.  In the comics, Wade Wilson had an on-and-off affair with Mistress Death, the main squeeze of galactic spanning bad guy and current end-boss of the MCU, Thanos.  While the studio is staying tight lipped, they did hint that Deadpool is the perfect character to bring a sharp edge to the conflict, and he  will have a pivotal role in defeating the ultimate baddie.  Unfortunately, much like the Spider-Man deal, casting changes will need to be made, but Marvel says they hope to keep fans good-will alive and well with a surprise move:  actor Andrew Garfield has been tapped to play Marvels version of the merc with a mouth.

Major Spoilers Leaked for Indiana Jones 5

Many fans were both excited and puzzled by the announcement that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford signed on to yet another Indiana Jones film.  Hoping to save the franchise’s reputation after a disastrous outing with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Spielberg has promised a return to form.  The project is supposedly going back to practical effects this time around, ditching all of the CG chicanery from the last film.  Are we in for some melting Nazi faces?  One certainly hopes so.

Connery still looks great.
Connery still looks great.

As another pivot away from the last film, Spielberg has announced some casting shifts.  Rumors abound that Sean Connery has agreed to come out of retirement for the project…but not to reprise his role as Indy’s lovable and bumbling father.  Since Indiana Jones has been fighting Nazis for four films now (technically three, since I don’t think Moloram was a card carrying National Socialist) it only seemed right to finish the series with an epic confrontation with the Reich’s evil leader, Adolph Hitler.  Connery, in a surprising twist, has agreed to play the ultimate villain!  Spielberg was quick to assuage fans by saying that Indy’s dad will be making an appearance this time around…played by thespian Shia Labeouf, making use of heavy prosthesis.  My interest is piqued!

Announced Sequels, Prequels and Reboots

Hungry for More Hunger Games?

Pre- President Snow.
Pre- President Snow.

The story of Katniss Everdeen may be all wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t be getting some more Hunger Games action.  The latest news has that Lionsgate is interested in tapping into the history of Panem, and the lore of District 12 in particular.  To this end, they’re looking into a prequel that tells the tale of District 12’s last successful tribute, Haymitch Abernathy, played in the original trilogy by Woody Harrelson.  This prequel will show how Haymitch survived his game, a feat which led him to transform from a young idealist into a cynical drunk, and it will also show the political rise of President Snow and his consolidation of power over the districts.  No word has been announced about the casting of a younger Haymitch, though TV’s David Mazous (who plays the young Bruce Wayne on Gotham) is reportedly in talks.  In a great maneuver, Lionsgate has locked up Keifer Sutherland to play the younger version of his father, Donald Sutherland, as the dastardly Senator Snow.

Sam Raimi Taking New Hero for a Spin

In Hollywood, everyone gets a second shot.  Ryan Reynolds was able to finally make good on his super-hero beef on his third try, and Ben Affleck managed to put away the specter of Daredevil thanks to his new role as Batman.  The latest penitent to get another stab at making a costumed vigilante film is Sam Raimi, director of the original Spider-Man trilogy.  Who does Raimi have his eye on for his big-screen atonement?  None other than the demon haunted anti-hero, Spawn.

At its heart, this is a film about good and evil.
At its heart, this is a film about good and evil.

Raimi is hoping to inject the project with some of the gritty surrealism from his earlier Dark Man series, as the 1997 flop was seen as too campy.  Specifics for casting had Idris Elba in the running for the human alter-ego of Spawn, but focus groups confirmed that Mr. Elba is indeed “too street” to play the wronged CIA operative turned demon knight, and talks have shifted towards casting Kevin Hart in the role.  As will shock no-one, Bruce Campbell is slotted to play Spawn’s foil, Violator, a demonic clown played by actor John Leguizamo in the 1997 original.

Bill and Teds Triumphant Return

They've aged well.
They’ve aged well.

Hot off of the success of Netflix’s revival of Pee Wee Herman in this years Pee Wee’s Big Holiday, rumors have coalesced around another returning property making its way to the home streaming service:  Bill and Ted’s Triumphant Return, the long awaited 3rd film in the series.  Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are said to be already on-board, having worked out the script well in advance.  The loss of comedian George Carlin as the time-traveling duo’s mentor seemed like a high hurdle to clear, but fellow funny man Simon Pegg has agreed to step into the moon-boots of the deceased legend.  One can only hope that also means his partner in comedy, Nick Frost, also will find a way into the project…as the jailed time villain De Nomolos perhaps?  I can say I’m personally ready for the most excellent return of Wyld Stallyns!

New Projects in the Pipes

Avatar the Last Airbender to Get a Second Shot

An early establishing shot.
An early establishing shot.

Director M. Knight Shyamalan’s drab and lifeless take on the beloved children’s series, Avatar the Last Airbender, appeared to be the nail in the coffin for any hopes of continuing the series on the big screen.  Into this perilous situation, very few would have the courage to take on such a daunting task.  Well, one man has shown that he is capable of returning faded cartoon series to glory at the box office, and that man has decided its time to give Avatar another shot.  That’s right, Michael Bay has announced he has acquired the rights to the sequel series to Avatar, The Legend of Kora, and is hard at work bringing his vision to audiences.  This project is in the very early stages, with the leaded story boards pretty much just showing the film’s logo surrounded by rings of explosions.  Keen eyes, however, have reported that notation in the margin shows that casting is already in mind:  Megan Fox has been rumored to be taking the lead role of Kora in the film.

Frank Miller Pens Completely New Project

Unpunched whore's simply won't do.
Un punched whore’s simply won’t do.

Hollywood can’t get enough Frank Miller properties, from 300 and Sin City to The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil.  Running out of back catalog to pilfer, Miller has decided to go back to the drawing board and created an original property, infused with his halcyon trademark themes.  Early word has the project being tentatively titled “All Women Are Dirty Whores Who Need A Punching:  A Love Story.”  Zack Snyder is slated to enthusiastically direct the project, calling it a logical next step in his growth as an artist.

Duke Nukem on the Big Screen?

It's like they're Twins...
It’s like they’re Twins…

This one is very tentative, but could pay big dividends if it pans out.  Stifled by the diminishing returns of his Expendables series, director Sylvester Stallone had decided to throw his hat in the ring with Duke Nukem.  This year is packed full of decades old video games series getting a big screen treatment, and Duke Nukem has just the flair and style to mesh with Stallone‘s. While this is news to audiences, inside sources say that Sly has been toying with a script for this franchise for close to 20 years. Sly has tapped Expendables alum Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the titular hero, and Arnie was recorded as saying “sure, why the hell not, nothing else I do is working out lately?”

Deluxe Video Announcements


New Focus, New Features


Deluxe Video Online is nearing its third year and 500th article.  We’ve had a blast bringing you the best (and worst) movie reviews, news, and insider talk.  Like any growing outlet, we’ve sat down and talked about where we want to take this project in the future, and we’ve had some serious talks about the nature of film reviews.  That being said, we’ve come to a hard, but inescapable conclusion:  there just aren’t any more movies to talk about.  We’ve done them all.  Hollywood only puts out a few flicks a year and we gobble those up so fast, it really leaves a gaping hole of content on the site.  You’d think 100 years of cinema would be hard to catch up on, but we did it.  Turns out there just wasn’t that much to talk about when it comes to films.  I guess we should have looked into that before we started this horse and pony show.

Alien? Long lost brother? Gandhi? You simply can't know!
Alien? Long lost brother? Gandhi? You simply can’t know!

To help us cover the gaps of months between film releases, we’ve decided to change our focus.  There’s a rich history of great and imaginative stories out there that is virtually untapped.  Of course I’m talking about day-time television.  Hollywood just can’t compete with the rich and profound story lines that day-time can field.  The occasional super-hero flick, spaced out over several years of development, pales in comparison to the hard hitting drama soaps provide literally every day.  Clones, amnesia, secret Nazi collaborators…cloned secret Nazi collaborators with amnesia, this stuff is a gold mine!

To that end, we’ve decided to put movie reviews and news on the back burner and focus on where the real action is.  In hindsight, its a move long overdue.  We hope you continue to join us as we chart brave new territory together, here on Deluxe Soap Opera Daily Online.  God bless, and we’ll see you as the world turns.april fool





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