Product Review: Mubi.

Product Review: Mubi. Mubi is a boutique streaming service for hardcore cinephiles looking for obscure and classic art-house films. In order to stream La Soledad for our review, I had to sign up for Mubi.  As this was my first time using, or even hearing about Mubi, I decided to delve a little … Continue reading

Movie Review: Gringo.

Movie Review: Gringo. Gringo is a dark comedy about kidnapping that seems to be daring you not to like it.  Despite that, I did wind up enjoying it. Gringo is a film about one decent person having his life turned into a living hell because of an ocean of assholes surrounding him, and how he … Continue reading

VOD Review: La Soledad.

VOD Review: La Soledad. This prize winning drama from Venezuela richly captures the uncertainty of its setting but lacks a resolution worthy of its set up. La Soledad is a strange and beautiful film that is hard to define.  It is based on real events, and stars the actual people involved.  It … Continue reading