Batman V Superman Trailer

Batman Vs Superman trailer

Batman V Superman:

Dawn Of Justice


Batman Vs Superman Trailer


One of the most anticipated (and secretive) movies for years finally has an official trailer out.  Nerds, geeks and casual movie-goers alike will rejoice as two of the most iconic superheroes ever finally share the silver screen together.



I was pleased to see that Warner Brothers decided to stick with the darker narrative that was set in The Dark Knight Trilogy as well as The Man Of Steel.  I enjoy the Marvel machine, but WB needs to set itself apart from the light-hearted nature of those films. With this trailer, they did just that.

The grim tone is instantly set with the ominous horns of Hans Zimmer blaring in the score, followed by the very effective voice-over of Ben Affleck, questioning the morality of man, and the Superman’s role in this world.

Combine all of that with Zach Snyder‘s flair for visuals, and the Batman V Superman trailer raises goosebumps.

Despite the the lackluster costume (what’s with the ears!) and mechanical voice for the Batman, this is set up to be the most bad-ass and dark Batman yet. Bats seems completely unhinged, ready to rampage and destroy the iconic Superman (hell, it won’t be the first time Ben Affleck nearly killed a superhero franchise!)

Bstmsn Vs superman Trailer

I’ll certainly miss Christian Bale‘s gravelly depiction of the Dark Knight, but this trailer shows a lot of promise.



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