Box Office Wrap Up: Furious 7 Hi Octane

Furious 7 show no sign of slowing down

Furious 7 box office

Universal‘s Furious 7  shows no sign of slowing down, clocking in at a cool 60.6m this weekend upping its totals 238.6m domestically and a stunning 544m overseas.

No doubt Furious 7 has received more interest due to being the late Paul Walker‘s last film, but overwhelming praise from critics and fans alike has helped fuel Furious 7’s box office run.

Furious 7 made history as it surpassed the entire lifetime domestic gross of blockbuster Fast and Furious 6 ($239 million). And it crossed $200 million in eight days, faster than any title in Universal’s history.

In second place was animated children’s film Home, about an unpopular space alien forced to flee his own kind. It earned $19 million in its third week.Home Box Office

The Longest Ride, Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novel  debuted in third place, earning $13.5 million. Worth noting that not only is it a great story but also stars Scott Eastwood, Clint’s son.

Fourth place went to buddy comedy “Get Hard,” about a prison-bound white investment banker (Will Ferrell) who hires a black car washer (Kevin Hart) for lessons on surviving the slammer. It earned $8.6 million.

Disney’s live action Cinderella“was in fifth place, earning $7.2 million but dont worry, (or do) Disney is still all in on the remakes.

So far this year three new remakes are reportedly in the works. Aside from Mulan, Disney is enlisted Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland)  again for an adaptation of Dumbo. Emma Watson will lead a version of Beauty and the Beast.

They join the previously announced The Jungle Book and an Alice sequel, Through the Looking Glass. A writer has also reportedly been hired to pen a 101 Dalmations adaptation called Cruella, focusing on, well, Cruella.

Insurgent, the dystopian sequel to Veronica Roth’s best-selling “Divergent” book series, came in sixth place with $6.85 million.

Woman in Gold, which tells the true story of an elderly Holocaust survivor trying to get her Nazi-looted artwork back from the Austrian government, held onto seventh place with a $5.85 million haul.

It Follows, the Indie horror film, took eighth place, grossing $2.0 million at the box office.

Furious 7 $60.59M
Home $19.00M
The Longest Ride $13.50M
Get Hard $8.64M
Cinderella $7.23M
Insurgent $6.85M
Woman in Gold $5.85M
It Follows $1.97M
Danny Collins $1.57M
Kingsman: $1.33M


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