Box Office Wrap Up: 2018 Delivers Revenue Record.

Box Office Wrap Up: 2018 Delivers Revenue Record.

Aquaman repeated in the top spot to send out a record breaking year of box office figures.

We’ll break down the year’s numbers and trends in our yearly “This Year in Box Office History“, but we already know that 2018 is the biggest year on record when it comes to sales.  Aquaman, Mary Poppins 2 and Spider-Man helped to push the total to just shy of 12 billion dollars for the year, easily surpassing the old record.  All this for a year that didn’t have a monster Star Wars film driving sales in December.  Many films should finish the year encouraged that ticket sales rebounded, and Hollywood delivered a record number of profitable films to theaters.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: 2018 Delivers Revenue Record.
Wakanda Forever.

Disney continued to dominate the box office in 2018, increasing its market share from 21% last year to 26% this year.  While Universal and WB had strong years, Buena Vista/Disney took the top three spots for the year with Black Panther, Infinity War, and Incredibles 2.  Overall, five of the top ten also went to Buena Vista, powering the studio to more than 3 billion dollars in ticket sales.

The box office added 187 million dollars in its final weekend, growing 6% from last weekend, but down 3% from last year.  The soft total for the whole year is 11.82 billion dollars, surpassing 2016’s record of 11.37 billion in sales.  The box office grew a healthy 5% in total, showing a record total of 814 theatrical release films.  The previous high was 740, and 2018 premiered 200 more films than a decade ago in 2008.

Top Film Last Year:  Star Wars – The Last Jedi.

Box Office Wrap Up: 2018 Delivers Revenue Record.

Top Film Last Decade:  Marley and Me.

Top Three Films.

Aquaman retained his crown for a second week in the top spot.  The film scored 52 million in its second week, the smallest decline from a DCEU film (22%).  It continues to rule the global box office, raking in 562 million abroad for a world-wide total of 750 million dollars.

Box Office Wrap Up: 2018 Delivers Revenue Record.Second Place saw Mary Poppins 2 gain ground, adding 28 million dollars to its domestic totals and increasing its sales by 20%.  This week saw several films with so-so debuts add to their ticket sales as viewers spread their attention beyond just the big blockbusters over the holiday.

Third place was yet more good news for a struggling film as Bumblebee declined just 3% from last week.  It has taken in 67 million versus a 135 million dollar budget, and added 90 million dollars from foreign sales.

Other Films.

The new releases settled towards the bottom of the list, with Vice taking 6th place and Holmes and Watson taking 7th.  With totals in the 7 million range for both, neither are off to a quick start.  Vice’s fortunes will largely be up to the whims of the Academy, as a raft of nominations will keep it relevant leading up to the Oscars.  Holmes and Watson has a more dubious path to success as it has been getting pummeled by critics and audience scores.Box Office Wrap Up: 2018 Delivers Revenue Record.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Aquaman  (52.1)

2.  Mary Poppins Returns  (28.3)

3.  Bumblebee  (20.9)

4.  Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  (18.8)

5.  The Mule  (12.1)

6.  Vice  (7.7)

7.  Holmes and Watson  (7.4)

8.  Second Act  (7.3)

9.  Ralph Breaks the Internet  (6.7)

10.  Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch  (4.1)


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