Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.

A Quiet Place was anything but quiet this weekend, taking critics and the box office by storm.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.The big news is the excellent debut for John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, the latest well-crafted horror movie to not only set the box office on fire but to generate early award season buzz, much like Jordan Peele’s Get Out.  In addition to the success at first place, the entire box office saw an uptick as April looks to vastly improve on the lackluster earnings of March.  With several potential blockbusters in the lineup, we could be seeing a record busting month at the box office.

This Week in Box Office History.

April is off to a great start.  A Quiet Place put up big numbers for a horror film, well above even the usually dominant Blumhouse offerings like The Conjuring and Paranormal Activity.  Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One held well in its second weekend, and Blockers had a solid debut for an R-rated comedy.  All told, the box office was up 21% from last week and 37% from last year.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.
Remember when this was a thing?

It will be a tough climb to unseat the current record for April:  in 2011 a combination of Fast Five and several popular children’s films combined to deliver a staggering 938 million dollars.  That’s a tall order, but I’m optimistic about the chances that 2018 could surpass that figure.  A Quiet Place has the stats to put up 100 million dollars this month, there’s a lot of anticipation for Super Troopers 2, and with Marvel moving Avengers: Infinity War into April, this month could be legendary.

Top Movie Last Year:  The Boss Baby.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.
Man. Still talking about The Boss Baby a year later.

Top Movie Last Decade:  21.

Top Three Movies.

A Quiet Place took the top spot with 50 million dollars in its first weekend.  This puts the horror/thriller into the top ten for April debuts.  Director John Krasinski scored very well with critics and audiences, which could make for a film with a long shelf life.  Add to this the fact that people are already buzzing about not just IF this film should get nominated for the year-end awards shows but for which categories.  If A Quiet Place manages to duplicate the Oscar success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, we could be talking about this film for a while.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.

The second spot went to Ready Player One.  Steven Spielberg’s VR fantasy has put up nearly 100 million dollars in domestic earnings and nearly 300 million dollars abroad.  Despite being knocked into the second spot, Ready Player One lost just 40% of its revenue from last week, a solid hold especially in the face of stiff competition.  The film should be set up for a 150-175 million dollar domestic run.

Third place went to another new release, Blockers.  The R-rated comedy featuring John Cena had strong early indicators that didn’t quite pan out to a second place finish, but 21 million dollars in earnings matches the film’s budget and is a good debut for the genre.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.
Sir, can you tell us why it took you so long…to make a movie about this?

Chappaquiddick landed in seventh place, taking in 6 million dollars in its first weekend.  While there was a bit of mild controversy surrounding the film, it didn’t translate into much bad publicity.  The film currently has around a 70% approval rating across the different aggregators.

The last spot on the list went to Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, which has made an impressive 12 million dollars while in limited release and expands nationally this week.  Check out our review here.

The final wide release premier this week, The Miracle Season, fell outside the top ten.  The sports drama based on real events managed to take in 4 million dollars, winding up in the eleventh position on the weekend.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  A Quiet Place  (50.0)

2.  Ready Player One  (25.0)

3.  Blockers  (21.4)

4.  Black Panther  (8.4)

5.  I Can Only Imagine (8.3)

6.  Tyler Perry’s Acrimony  (8.0)

7.  Chappaquiddick  (6.2)

8.  Sherlock Gnomes  (5.6)

9.  Pacific Rim Uprising  (4.9)

10.  Isle of Dogs  (4.6)

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