Box Office Wrap Up: After Turkey, Fans Still Hungry for Mockingjay

Box Office Wrap Up

Box Office Wrap up Hunger Games MockingJay
Bagging a bird for dinner!

The extended Thanksgiving weekend at the box office cooked up a plump bird for both The Hunger Games and Pixar, but other newcomer Victor Frankenstein got stuck with lumpy mashed potatoes.  I’m assuming Creed opted  for a glass full of eggs and extra time at the gym…

The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay 2 remained at the top spot despite the new challengers, adding another 52 million to its domestic total.  While this is a let-down from previous entries in the series, cash wise, a strong world-wide take of 440 milllion is certainly going to keep Lionsgate from having any holiday blues.

Box office Wrap up CreedSecond place went to Pixar and its Jurassic Jungle Book, The Good Dinosaur.  With no competition to speak of, this film is going to age gracefully, right up until Star Wars sucks all the oxygen out theaters in three week’s time.

Third place went to Sly Stallone and the next chapter in the Rocky franchise, Creed.  Opting to focus on the son of former Rocky rival, Apollo Creed, this iteration managed to capture much of the fire and heart of the first film.  It may have settled for third, but the critical reception and word of mouth should keep this film strong through the holidays.

Our last new wide release, Victor Frankenstein, is yet another box office blunder for Fox studios, who brought us the much reviled Fantastic 4 remake.  Poor reviews and abysmal audience scores means this monster is unlikely to be resuscitated.  Between Fant4stic, Victor Frankenstein, and Gem and the Holograms, we have seen some of the biggest box office turkeys of all time…all in the same year.  So count yourself blessed to be alive in 2015, the year of Star Wars and many many bad films!

Box office wrap up victor frankenstein
You don’t understand! The studio says one more flop and I have to go back to Hogwarts!!!
Box Office Sales
  1.  The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2  (52.0 million)
2.  The Good Dinosaur  (39.1 million)
3.  Creed  (29.6 million)
4.  Spectre  (12.8 million)
5.  The Peanuts Movie (9.7 million)
6.  The Night Before (8.3 million)
7.  The Secret in their Eyes (4.4 million)
8.  Spotlight  (4.4 million)
9.  Brooklyn  (3.9 million)
10.  The Martian  (3.2 million)

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