Box Office Wrap Up: All Quiet at the Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: All Quiet at the Box Office.

No new releases means no change for the top movies as November 2017 goes quietly into the history books.

As you may have noticed, there were no new trailers to preview last week because there were no new wide release movies.  This lack of change meant our top ten films this week looks nearly identical to last week’s tally.  November went quietly into the books, notching a decades low in total earnings despite strong performances from Thor: Ragnarok, Coco, and several art house films like Lady Bird and Wonder.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: All Quiet at the Box Office.
Denzel making an Oscar nominated film in November, my how the times have changed.

November gave way to December without much fight.  The box office recorded just shy of 100 million dollars in total earnings, down 46% from last week and 43% from last year.  This makes one of the lowest final week of November/first week of December tallies in a decade.  That fact was echoed in the overall earnings for November as a whole, where the tally of 1 billion dollars was the lowest take since 2007 when American Gangster was the biggest film.

Looking at the bigger picture, you see a big jump in earnings between 2007 and the last decade.  Gross earnings went from averaging 800 million to 1 billion, helped by the yearly release of teen dramas like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight.  Lacking such a big draw with sustained earning potential, 2017 was on the low side of the new November normal, though not alarmingly so.

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: All Quiet at the Box Office.
Less than Cars 3? Dios mio!

Disney/Pixar’s Coco retained the crown, adding 26 million dollars to the total.  It has now earned just over 100 million in two weeks.  It’s hard to estimate where it will land on the list of Pixar releases but so far it’s beating The Last Dinosaur and not much else.

Second place remained with Justice League, which has now crept to just shy of 200 million dollars domestically.  The foreign earnings of JL has stalled out, leaving the film around 550 million dollars in world-wide earnings.  If this number stays put, as it looks to be doing, this will be the lowest earning film in the DC extended universe.  Ouch.

The third spot was also another hold-over, with Wonder adding 12 million dollars to its impressive run.  The inspirational drama has had a fantastic run and become one of the stand-out films of the month.  It’s domestic total is nearly 100 million dollars, which would be more impressive if the studio had released budget figures.  Estimating based on similar titles, I would guess 10-15 million, making Wonder a smashing success.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: All Quiet at the Box Office.
A Rogen/Franco film called The Disaster Artist? Is this about The Interview?

The only changes in the top ten came at the tail end.  Indie darlings Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri advanced up the list while Roman J. Israel Esq fell off the list to the 11th spot.

The Disaster Artist from Seth Rogen and James Franco had a limited release that nearly cracked the top ten, taking in 1 million dollars from 19 screens.  It is set to have a national expansion this week, which means the last week before Star Wars arrives will feature two comedies as the only new films for most audiences.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Coco  (26.1)

2.  Justice League  (16.5)

3.  Wonder  (12.5)

4.  Thor: Ragnarok  (9.6)

5.  Daddy’s Home 2  (7.5)

6.  Murder on the Orient Express  (6.7)

7.  Lady Bird  (4.5)

8.  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  (4.5)

9.  The Star  (4.0)

10.  A Bad Moms Christmas  (3.4)

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