Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.

Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.

Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.

June ends how it began, with another sequel falling flat at the box office.

This weekend had a toy-based sequel in first place, but it wasn’t Annabelle Comes Home.  Toy Story 4 hung in to retain its title, while the sixth film in the Conjuring franchise felt the sting of a summer of stunted sequels.  Overall, the box office took a beating, returning numbers that were the worst in a decade.  Despite a fantastic May start, June wound up being a complete dud.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.
Back when Tom Cruise running from things ruled the box office.

The box office took in 147 million dollars, down 27% from last week and 17% from last year.  While that may not sound drastic, the overall take was the lowest in more than a decade.  To see numbers this low, you have to go back to 2005 when War of the Worlds was the big man on campus.  The year to date comparison with 2018 has begun climbing again, sitting at just under double digits.  Comparing Summer 2019 to Summer 2018, we’ve fallen behind for the first time in our comparisons, now sitting 5% behind 2018…which I don’t need to keep repeating was a pretty weak summer for the box office.  I guess IT Chapter 2 and Star Wars had really better bring the goods after we get out of this summer slump.

Top Film Last Year:  Jurassic World 2.

Box Office Wrap Up: Toys in the Attic.
Still a turkey.

Top Film Last Decade:  Transformers 2.

Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.
“This franchise probably won’t play itself into the ground” -2009 Audiences.

Top Three Films.

Toy Story repeated in first place, adding 58 million dollars to its cumulative take.  Factoring in global sales, Pixar’s latest sits just under the 500 million dollar mark.  It should make enough in the coming weeks to surpass Toy Story 2 on the totem pole of Pixar hits, but it would really need a second wind to catch Toy Story 3’s domestic total of 415 million dollars.

Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.
Dammit, Annabelle, you’re practically daring the Wayan brothers to make another shitty Scary Movie!

Annabelle Comes Home came home in second place with 20 million dollars.  This is the weakest opening for both the Annabelle series and the wider Conjuring franchise.  The other Annabelle films all finished their debut weekends in the high 30’s.  While early ticket sales were strong, the film had a lousy traditional weekend.  The failure the latest film seems like an oddity compared to the critical reception.  While the first was certified rotten, this outing is sitting pretty at 69%, just one point lower than Annabelle Creation.

Danny Boyle’s Yesterday put in a solid effort for third place.  Projections had hovered in the low double digits, so the premier tally of 17 million dollars was a solid step in the right direction.  The film sports a budget of 26 million dollars, so it will likely need to rely on the positive word of mouth campaign that got the film into wide release in the first place.

Other Films.

There weren’t any other wide releases to report on this week.  The limited release of IFC’s Ophelia didn’t report back numbers for its 58 theater run.  That’s not likely a very positive first impression.

Box Office Wrap Up: Annabelle Finds Nobody Home.
Not the look of confidence.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Toy Story 4  (57.9)

2.  Annabelle Comes Home  (20.3)

3.  Yesterday   (17.0)

4.  Aladdin  (9.3)

5.  The Secret Life of Pets 2  (7.0)

6.  Men in Black International  (6.5)

7.  Avengers  Endgame  (5.5)

8.  Child’s Play  (4.2)

9.  Rocketman  (3.8)

10.  John Wick Chapter 3  (3.1)

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