Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers – Infinity and Beyond!

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers – Infinity and Beyond!

Avengers: Infinity War takes the record of biggest debut of all time, both for foreign and world-wide earnings.

Well, It was nice while it lasted, Star Wars!  That cushy spot atop the list of box office debuts was yours for three whole years, but now you’ll have to settle for second best.  Avengers: Infinity War set the box office on fire this weekend, pulling in 250 million dollars, and that’s if you believe Marvel’s low-ball estimate!  I guess we really didn’t need Hawkeye to do promo before the movie!  In addition to crushing it at home, the Avengers also crushed it around the world:  while the biggest foreign release is still Fate of the Furious, the worldwide crown goes to Infinity War…which hasn’t even opened in China yet!  We’ll cover all of the records below as we take a look at all the debris left over from Marvel’s Juggernaut rolling its way through the box office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!
No. Not that Marvel’s Juggernaut. Sheesh.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!
So heavy…and…so…much…bling!

The box office took in a combined 301 million dollars (and between The Avengers and Black Panther, 254 million of that belonged to Marvel properties!)  The overall take was up 140% from last week and 200% from last year.  This haul was big enough to get Infinity War a super-team-up of records:  biggest spring, biggest April, biggest 3-day earnings, and biggest PG-13 debut.  It also scorched the list for fastest to 150, 200, and 250 million dollars (helps when those happen nearly simultaneously).  It remains to be seen how far up the list it will go for all time earnings:  it will need another 686 million at home to beat Star Wars The Force Awakens (essentially needing to gross as much as Black Panther has made in addition to what it already has made) and it will really need to shine in China to challenge Avatar’s world wide gross of 2.7 billion dollars (it currently sits at 630 million.)

Top Film Last Year:  Fate of the Furious.

Top Film Last Decade:  Baby Mamma.

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!
This was the top movie? I don’t get it, where are all of the super heroes and CGI? Did they not know how to make movies in 2008?

Top Three Movies.

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!

Avengers: Infinity War took first place, just in case you glossed over the first two paragraphs.  It is the biggest debut for a Marvel Studios movie ever.  It ranked the same Cinemascore as The Force Awakens, thought it lags behind it on Rotten Tomatoes.  Will see if that 7% has any effect on the overall staying power.

Second place went to A Quiet Place, which had its first decline of greater than 50% thanks to Marvel’s juggernaut.  The film is sitting just shy of 150 million dollars in domestic gross, not a bad return on investment for a film that cost 17 million dollars to make.

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!
Once again, wrong Marvel Juggernaut!

Bronze went to I Feel Pretty, which also saw a 50% or deeper dip. Overall the film is just shy of making back its 32 million dollar budget in just two weeks, so things look pretty pretty for Amy Schumer.

Other Films.

There were two notable exceptions to the massive crater left by Infinity War:  Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time both moved up the rankings and saw a decline of only 10% each.  I think sold out shows for The Avengers left audiences looking for similar programming and these two Disney offerings reaped the lion share of those viewers.

Box Office Wrap Up: Avengers - Infinity and Beyond!
It’s good to be the king.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Avengers:  Infinity War  (250.0)

2.  A Quiet Place  (10.6)

3.  I Feel Pretty  (8.1)

4.  Rampage  (4.3)

5.  Black Panther  (4.3)

6.  Super Troopers 2  (3.6)

7.  Truth or Dare  (3.2)

8.  Blockers  (2.9)

9.  Ready Player One  (2.4)

10.  Traffik  (1.6)

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