Box Office Wrap Up: Bad Boys Bank.

Box Office Wrap Up: Bad Boys Bank.

17 years after their last outing, the Bad Boys are back on top of the box office.

The MLK holiday weekend was kind to the new releases. Despite being dormant for more than a decade, Bad Boys roared back to life atop the box office. Despite horrendous early reviews, Dolittle managed a strong second place showing. It all added up to an extremely good holiday weekend, and kick-off for 2020.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office shot up around 22%, averaging both the 3 day and 5 day holiday earnings. A MLK weekend total of just under 200 million dollars is the 5th best tally for the holiday.

Top Film One Year Ago: Glass.

One more Glass pun, I dare you…

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Paul Blart – Mall Cop.

Box Office Wrap Up: January 2019 Falls on its Sword.

Top Three.

The big weekend owed plenty to Bad Boys for Life. This third entry in the series blew up for nearly 70 million dollars over the long weekend, 60 million with just the 3 day. That’s four times what the original film took in, and about one and half times what the sequel took home.

Box Office Wrap Up: Bad Boys Bank.
I’m shocked too.

Dolittle beat early, gloomy expectations to earn 22 million dollars and second place. Universal, still reeling from the implosion of Cats, is nowhere near out of the woods yet. The latest adaptation of the Doctor Dolittle series still needs recoup the unwieldy 175 million dollar production budget. It has managed around 55 million worldwide so far.

It’s going to need to Dolittle better than that.

1917 saw a bump in theater count, post Oscar announcements, but still fell to third place. It took in 22 million as well, just missing second place, and has earned 143 million worldwide.

Other Films.

The only other new film, in limited release, was Weathering with You out of Japan. From director behind Your Name, Makoto Shinkai, I’m sure it was a blow that Weathering with You was snubbed by the Oscars. But hey, a Christmas movie from Netflix got a nod, so it’s not like the Academy has its head totally up its ass this year.

No, you’re right. That Santa Claus movie is probably way nicer…

Top Ten Films.*

*3 day weekend totals.

  1. Bad Boys For Life (59.1)
  2. Dolittle (22.5)
  3. 1917 (22.1)
  4. Jumanji: The Next Level (9.5)
  5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (8.3)
  6. Just Mercy (6.0)
  7. Little Women (5.9)
  8. Knives Out (4.3)
  9. Like a Boss (3.8)
  10. Frozen II (3.7)

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