Box Office Wrap Up: Becky, Infamous.

Box Office Wrap Up: Becky, Infamous.

Horror flick Becky remained on top, edging out the modern Bonnie and Clyde story, Infamous.

While our newest release couldn’t push its way to number one, it did feature heavily in a big weekend at the box office. With one weekend left before our first wide release film – and news that AMC and Cinemark are already laying plays for mass re openings – the box office totals this week should be good news for movie studios.

The top three took the box office over the half million dollar mark for the first time since the pandemic shutdown. All three films grossed more than one hundred thousand dollars each…which is lucky since the rest of the box office barely put together five thousand dollars combined.

Top Film One Year Ago: Men in Black International.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: The Karate Kid.

Yep. Still not karate.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Bronco Billy.

Raise your hand if you knew this movie existed.

Top Three Films.

Last weekend we had Becky as the number one film, but late reporting numbers actually show that The Wretched edged past to cap off a nine week streak at the top spot. This week, Becky left no margin for error as it handily claimed the gold with 188 thousand dollars.

The only limited release to report back numbers this weekend, Infamous, scored the second position. The story of two lovers on a social media crime spree, Infamous kicked off its run in 58 theaters with a total of 160 thousand dollars.

Box Office Wrap Up: Becky, Infamous.
I think committing armed robbery negates the health benefits of wearing the mask…

The Wretched was finally dislodged from the throne, falling to third place. It added nearly 150 thousand dollars to its running total, which stands at 1.3 million dollars.

Other Films.

The rest of the top nine was left to fight over the scraps. Animated soccer film Strike ended up in fourth place with only two thousand dollars. None of the other films showed in more than 3 theaters, and several saw their screen numbers actually going down.

Top Films.

  1. Becky (188.1K)
  2. Infamous (106.3K)
  3. The Wretched (148.5K)
  4. Strike (.22K)
  5. The Trip to Greece (.19K)
  6. The Fox Hunter (.019K)
  7. Sex and the Future (.017K)
  8. True History of the Kelly Gang (.015K)
  9. How to Build a Girl (.002K)

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