Box Office Wrap Up: Boss Baby Repeats.

Box Office Wrap Up: A Quiet Place Silences Competition.
Man. Still talking about The Boss Baby.

Box Office Wrap Up: Boss Baby Repeats.

If you read last week’s wrap up, you’re covered since nothing changed.  Go you!

Box Office Wrap Up: Boss Baby Repeats.With nothing compelling at the box office, this week essentially mirrors last week, with Boss Baby and Beauty and the Beast keeping their hold on the top spots.  The three new releases didn’t have bad weekends, per se, but they were never going to be the type of movie to beat Disney, let alone the unaccountable juggernaut that Boss Baby has become.

Box Office History.

This week’s performance was down markedly over last week.  It took in 30% less for the top films than a week ago, mostly because nothing changed in the top ten and movies just tend to decay over time.

Compared to previous years, this week was extremely soft.  It was the second worst cumulative earning in over a decade.  The lack of a real marquee feature, and the looming arrival of the latest Fast and Furious film froze the box office in place.

Top Three.

Box Office Wrap Up: Boss Baby Repeats.
Not sure how you did it, but I’m (not) watching you.

Boss Baby continues to dominate a relatively weak field, despite having a demographic challenger in the latest Smurf movie.  The brand damage done to Smurfs by the horrendous live action films probably kept that movie from reaching its potential, since movies aimed at kids are the only winners this month.  Boss Baby has made a crazy 90 million dollars at home and an even crazier 110 million overseas.  It has an incredibly large budget to overcome but seems to be doing fine (who the hell spent 125 million dollars on an animated baby movie that was going to have to beat Disney?!  Who?)

Second place remained with Disney’s latest live action adaptation, Beauty and the Beast.  Despite being knocked off the top spot early in its cycle, it still has made incredible money, and is closing in on 500 million dollars domestically.

Third place has our first new film, with Smurfs: the Lost Village taking in 14 million dollars against a 60 million dollar budget.  That sounds awful, but it was more than early estimates, and a strong foreign take of 42 million should keep this flick smurfing right along.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Boss Baby Repeats.
We’re retired, we’ll catch it on a damn weekday!

The fourth spot ended up with another new film, Going in Style.  The film made back half of it’s 25 million dollar budget in the first weak, nearly all in domestic sales.  It is earning in line with similar films featuring a…more mature…cast.  Films of this ilk tend to have a long tail, since folks of a certain age aren’t courted as often, and tend to have more free time to support a film over the long haul.

Ghost in the Shell took a big hit this week at fifth place, losing 60% in ticket sales against last week’s debut.  This film just doesn’t have the spark to light up audiences in the States.  It does, however, have a big foreign following, having made just shy of 100 million in overseas sales.

Box Office Wrap Up: Boss Baby Repeats.
Nice poster. Is this a religious movie or a damn sequel to The Number 23?!

The last new movie, The Case for Christ, argued its way into 1oth place.  It made 3 million dollars, which is well short of both God’s Not Dead movies from the same studio.  It did perform in line with other faith based films of the recent decade, so I doubt the makers of this film are losing much sleep.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

 1.  The Boss Baby  (26.3)

2.  Beauty and the Beast  (25.0)

3.  Smurfs:  The Lost Village  (14.0)

4.  Going in Style  (12.5)

5.  Ghost in the Shell  (7.3)

6.  Power Rangers  (6.2)

7.  Kong: Skull Island  (5.8)

8.  Logan  (4.0)

9.  Get Out  (4.0)

10.  The Case for Christ  (3.9)

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