Box Office Wrap Up: Jason Bourne Back on Top

Box Office Wrap Up: Jason Bourne

Box Office Wrap Up:  Jason Bourne back on Top.

Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne proved to be a return to form, leading a second consecutive week of hot box office numbers.

Box Office Wrap Up: Jason Bourne
See, that wasn’t so hard!

Nearly a decade after first taking the role, Matt Damon helped audiences recover their memories of Jason Bourne this weekend, making 60 million dollars at the box office in the process.  The franchise had faltered by replacing Damon with Jeremy Renner in 2012’s Bourne Legacy.  While critics have been so-so on the new Bourne film, audiences were enthusiastic and pushed the film to the number one spot.

Star Trek Beyond had engine troubles that left it in a distant second place.  The film had a decent first week, but fell a worrying 60% from last week all the way down to 24 million dollars.  With a budget of 185 million, the film should at least cover its bases, though prospects for further movies may be murky.  Beyond had publicity problems early, tragically lost a crewman with the passing of Anton Yelchin in June, and has failed to make a big splash in the increasingly vital foreign market.  Will the new Trek have to settle for just a trilogy before the inevitable reboot sets in?

In third place, Bad Moms has already covered its initial bets, earning a healthy 23 million.  That puts it on par with comedies like Trainwreck and The Boss, meaning STX could be looking at a final payout between 70 and 110 million.  Female led comedies are increasingly bankable these days, so one would expect Bad Moms 2 to already be in the pipeline.

Good News, Bad News

Next up to the plate...
Next up to bat…

Hollywood saw a second straight weekend of great figures.  This weekend was up 26% from last year, not far behind last week’s 29% increase.  With the heavily anticipated Suicide Squad out this Thursday, we’re likely to see a continuing trend of strong earnings.

The flip side is that with so many mouths to feed, many projects are losing steam quickly as new films gobble up the ticket shares.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see Bourne drop in a simliar fashion to this week’s Star Trek tumble, especially since Suicide Squad will be vying for much of the same audience.  We may be in for an August of films that are #1 and done on a rotating basis.

The last new release of the weekend, Nerve, failed to dare audiences into theaters, despite an impressive trailer.  It’s soft opening figures place it alongside films like Project Almanac and Unfriended, so an overall take of 25-30 million would be optimistic.

Top Ten Films

(In Millons)

1.  Jason Bourne  (60.0)

2.  Star Trek Beyond  (24.0)

3.  Bad Moms  (23.4)

4.  The Secret Life of Pets  (18.1)

5.  Lights Out  (10.8)

6.  Ice Age: Collision Course  (10.5)

7.  Ghostbusters  (9.8)

8.  Nerve  (9.0)

9.  Finding Dory  (4.2)

10.  The Legend of Tarzan  (2.4)


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