Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Has Risen?

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Has Risen?

Despite a mediocre overall box office, Angel Has Fallen and Overcomer start strong.

The end of August typically displays soft box office figures.  While this weekend didn’t blow the doors off, it did finish up on the upper end of the spectrum.  This was likely to two of the new wide releases finding their grooves and premiering better than expected.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Has Risen?
Take what you can get.

As we reach the end of August, giving a final grade to Summer 2019 gets no easier.  This weekend’s totals were up 3% over last year , but down 10% over last weekend.  Zooming out, August 2019 is up 3% over last year, to date, but down 1% when you look at all of summer.  With one week left in the summer season and one month left in the financial quarter, we just don’t know if we’re looking at a modest success or a modest disappointment.  Either way, a big spring and a potentially huge winter (the final Star Wars, It Chapter 2, and Frozen 2 should all crush their respective weekends) could manage to put 2019 over the record-breaking 2018.

Top Film One Year Ago:  Crazy Rich Asians.

Box Office Wrap Up: Alarm Clock?

Top Film Ten Years Ago:  Inglorious Basterds.

Top Three Films.

Angel Has Fallen topped the box office this week.  It took in 21 million dollars, just barely falling behind London Has Fallen.  For all intents and purposes, the franchise seems to have cloned itself.  The second and third movie had nearly identical revenue and audience scores.  Angel Has Fallen is doing better than London with critics, but both films are not exactly critical darlings.

Good Boys got demoted to second place.  The R-rated comedy has doubled its budget domestically, taking in 42 million dollars at home.

Third Place saw Christian sports flick, Overcomer, overperform expectations.  The micro-budgeted faith film took in 8 million dollars against a 5 million dollar price tag.  I guess God’s Not Dead at the box office?

I knew he was going to make that joke…

Other Films.

You’ll find it next weekend.

The only wide release not to break expectations was the black comedy/horror thriller Ready or Not.  The film did brisk business with critics but fell just short of studio expectations financially.  Seven million dollars and sixth place won’t be a giant disappointment, especially since audience and critic scores point to strong word of mouth for the film.

The limited release of Amazon’s Brittany Runs a Marathon had a solid debut.  It landed in 24th place, but took in a solid 35k in tickets at the five locations it rolled in to.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Angel Has Fallen  (21.2)

2.  Good Boys  (11.7)

3.  Overcomer  (8.2)

4.  The Lion King  (8.1)

5.  Hobbs & Shaw  (8.1)

6.  Ready or Not  (7.5)

7.  Angry Birds 2  (6.3)

8.  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  (6.0)

9.  Dora and the Lost City of Gold  (5.2)

10.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  (5.0)

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