Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.

Crazy Rich Asians three-peated on a Labor Day weekend that had to work overtime.

A very workman-like August comes to a close with one clear winner: Crazy Rich Asians.  The wide release new arrivals all struggled, with only one placing in the top ten: Operation Finale.  With Labor Day over, the book is now closed on the Summer 2018 season, and it appears that Hollywood ran out of gas before crossing the finish line.

This Week in Box Office History.

A strong splash into the summer season from the likes of Incredibles 2, Jurassic World 2, and Avengers Infinity War got speculations running high about a bounce back year.  After a dismal 2017, which set several box office lows in the warmer months, 2018 looked to make up the lost ground.  Unfortunately, it seems the box office wound up with cramps heading into the final lap.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.
Just needed to hold one a bit longer…

After peaking in early June, the box office saw a steady drop for the rest of the season.  While numbers do trend down after mid-summer. successful years see weeks with 10% or higher gains as big movies punctuate the later months.  2018’s biggest offset was only a 5% gain.  Movies like M:I Fallout and Crazy Rich Asians did well, but tended to make hay in isolation, when other new films were faltering.  What was set to be a big summer comeback had to settle for just being in the top 50% of earnings compared to the last ten years.

The Labor Day weekend saw a decent bounce from the last few years, adding 50% from 2017 and up about 5-10 million over the last few years.  That speaks more to how soft late summer has become: pretty much every  Labor Day weekend before 2014, going back to 2008, boasts bigger totals for the holiday weekend.

Top Film Last Year:  The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.
Three weeks in a row!

Top Film Last Decade:  Tropic Thunder.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.
Three weeks in a row?!

Top Three Films.

Crazy Rich Asians continues to steamroll the competition.  In its second week it only dropped 5%; in its third week it gained 14%!  It added another 28 million dollars over the long weekend.  It’s wracked up 117 million dollars domestically against a 30 million dollar budget.  It lags abroad, with just under 20 million in sales, but it remains to open in many major markets like France, Germany and Japan.

In second place, The Meg also saw a nice holiday bump.  It gained 5% over the frame, adding 13 million to a world-wide take of 465 million dollars.

Third place rounded out the good news with a third film to see strong gains:  Mission Impossible Fallout gained 12%, bringing its six week total to 206 million dollars in the US and 650 million dollars globally.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Box Office Labors Over Holiday.
I know Ben Kingsley wasn’t in the Blood Rayne with Nazis, but it’s still too close for comfort.

The only new film to make the top ten, Operation Finale, landed in fourth place with 7 million dollars.  It barely edged out the national expansion of Searching which had a solid coming out party at fifth place.  Searching turned heads in limited release with high earnings last week; it kept up the trend with a solid 4k per screen average after adding more than a thousand screens.

Kin, which debuted on two thousand screens had a rough start.  It grossed just 3.6 million over the long weekend, landing at 12th place.  Criticism is mixed to negative for the blend of sci-fi and family drama; even positive reviews said the film had trouble figuring out film it wanted to be.

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions, Includes Holiday Monday)

1.  Crazy Rich Asians  (28.3)

2.  The Meg  (13.4)

3.  Mission: Impossible Fallout  (9.0)

4.  Operation Finale  (7.8)

5.  Searching  (7.6)

6.  Disney’s Christopher Robin  (6.7)

7.  Alpha  (6.0)

8.  The Happytime Murders  (5.5)

9.  BlacKkKlansman  (5.2)

10.  Mile 22  (4.5)


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