Box Office Wrap Up: Calm Before the Storm.

Box Office Wrap Up: Calm Before the Storm.

Coco remains on top as a slow box office prepares for this weeks premier of The Last Jedi.

Box Office Wrap Up: Calm Before the Storm.
Sorry sparky.

It appears one Disney film will be passing the first place laurel to another Disney film as Coco three-peats in advance of Star Wars’ arrival.  Coco has led the pack of current box office contenders, but still remains well behind Pixar’s other animated films in terms of raw earnings.  The box office remained becalmed, with the new wide release Just Getting Started barely earning enough to make the top ten.  The only high note came from The Disaster Artist, which expanded to 800 theaters and jumped into the top five.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Calm Before the Storm.
Oh yeah, this movie existed. You can now go back to forgetting that fact.

Total earnings for the week came in at 82 million, down 21% from an already slow first week in December.  Compared to prior years, it was down a modest amount.  This period before the big holiday films release has been particularly quiet in the last decade: a new wide release film hasn’t made the top spot since 2011’s release of New Year’s Eve.  If you’re a fan of movies, you’re probably saying “what the hell was New Year’s Eve?”  That’s how slow this period is.

Top Three.

Coco can’t seem to win for losing.  It’s three weeks in first place has only added up to a modest 132 million dollars, placing it second to last when it comes to Pixar’s money makers.  At least it’s handily passed The Last Dinosaur…which is something, I guess.

Second place remained locked up by Justice League.  This is another movie that is limping towards the end of its earning potential.  It remains Warner Brother’s least lucrative DCEU movie domestically, and is not likely to pass the criminally bad Man of Steel.  Some comfort comes from the fact that WB has become the first studio to break two billion dollars this year based on the strength of Wonder Woman, Dunkirk and the phenomenal run of IT.  (Buena Vista is sitting at 1.8 billion and owns Star Wars, so expect WB to find itself out of the top spot in three days.)

Box Office Wrap Up: Calm Before the Storm.
Really? More people saw this joyless turkey than the perfectly decent Justice League?

The third spot saw Wonder add another 8 million dollars to its impressive run, bringing the running total to 100 million dollars.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Calm Before the Storm.
I think I know why they’re hiding their eyes.

Two films entered the top ten and two films left.  The Disaster Artist jumped up to 4th place upon its expansion while Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri fell of the list after an initially strong offering.  The new wide film, Just Getting Started starring Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo, barely made the cut off.  It took in 3 million dollars and pushed Bad Moms Christmas out of tenth place and off the list.

Top Ten Movies.

(in millions)

1.  Coco  (18.4)

2.  Justice League  (9.6)

3.  Wonder  (8.4)

4.  The Disaster Artist  (6.3)

5.  Thor: Ragnarok  (6.2)

6.  Daddy’s Home 2  (5.9)

7.  Murder on the Orient Express  (5.1)

8.  The Star  (3.7)

9.  Lady Bird  (3.4)

10.  Just Getting Started  (3.2)

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