Box Office Wrap Up: Captain America/Disney repeat

Box Office Wrap Up:  Captain America and Disney still dominant.

jungleThis week saw Disney repeat at the top two spots with Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book.  Marvel’s latest entry into the MCU remained in first place, pushing its domestic take to just shy of 300 million, while its world-wide cumulative earnings are now just under 1 billion dollars.  Given its strong critical success and the amount of foreign markets that it is showing in, it is virtually guaranteed to be this year’s first billion dollar film.

In second place, The Jungle Book live action remake edged over the 300 million mark, making it Disney’s second film to earn at least that much domestically (and Cap is sure to get there this week as well.)  The first movie, Zootopia is still showing strength at the box office, remaining at the sixth position on the list.  With another Star Wars due out in December, Disney is on pace to have at least four films earn 300+ million domestically this year.

Eh, not quite.
Eh, not quite.

The two new releases, Money Monster and The Darkness came in at 3rd and 4th, respectively.  With modest budgets, both films actually performed slightly better than predicted by industry analysts.  Some may see Money Monster’s 15 million take as a dimming of George Clooney and Julia Roberts star power, but MM managed a stronger opening than either Hail Caesar! or Mother’s Day, the last two features for either star.  The Darkness was a surprise for me, as that film looked terribly generic and recieved a paltry “C” from cinemascore.  Horror movies just don’t need to do very much at the box to be a success.

In the 5th spot, Mother’s Day lost its holiday bounce, suffering a 70 percent decline from last weekend.  In 7th, The Huntsman sequel/prequel/trainwreck has continued to languish, bringing in only a paltry 44 million domestically on a 115 million dollar budget.  It has made 100 million outside of the US, but that amount still just barely clears the break even point, and I doubt we’ll be seeing a third entry in this franchise.  It will be interesting to see how other live action fairy tale films earn going forward; there are a ton slated, but they are also being developed by Disney, who can apparently do no wrong lately.

Top Ten Films

(In Millions)

1.  Captain America: Civil War (72.6)

2.  The Jungle Book  (17.1)

3.  Money Monster  (14.7)

4.  The Darkness  (4.9)

5.  Mother’s Day  (3.2)

6.  Zootopia  (2.8)

7.  The Huntsman:  Winter’s War  (2.6)

8.  Keanu  (1.9)

9.  Barbershop:  The Next Cut  (1.6)

10.  The Boss  (1.1)

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