Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.

Captain Marvel dazzled the box office with a gigantic world wide opening.

First things first:  to all the trolls who tried to brigade Captain Marvel before it opened, and the butt-hurt man babies who “boycotted” the film – you were not missed.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.
Your tears are delicious.

Captain Marvel roared out of the gate, posting the third largest March debut domestically and the fifth largest international opening of all time.  At 153 million dollars, Marvel’s 21st feature film rivaled some of the biggest openings in the genre.  The success of the film jolted the sluggish box office back to life.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.
That’s the ticket [sales].
Led by Captain Marvel, the box office added 79% in earnings compared to last week and just under 50% compare to last year.  The grand total of 206 million dollars taken by all films is the biggest haul for this weekend period historically.  Captain Marvel’s 153 million dollar domestic take was the third largest premier for the month of March, just behind Batman V Superman and Beauty and the Beast.  The much needed infusion of energy at the box office shrank the gap between 2019 and recent years by an average of 5%, a big jump for a single week.

Top Film Last Year:  Black Panther.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.
Seriously, this movie has been in this spot so long I’m running out of stills.

Top Film Last Decade:  Watchmen.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.Captain Marvel topped the box office with 153 million dollars domestically, and a whopping 302 million dollars abroad.  The current tally of 455 million dollars – in just three days – is the 6th largest of all time.  The film played well critically and commercially, with an 80% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an “A” Cinemascore.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 followed a distant second, adding just under 15 million to its three week total.  The film has had strong legs, taking in 119 million dollars at home and 315 million dollars overseas.  It has a while to go to surpass the first film in the franchise, which topped out at 217 million dollars in the US and 621 million dollars overall.  The real test of its staying power will come this weekend as another animated feature, Wonder Park, arrives on the scene.

Third place went to Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral.  The film is sitting at 45 million dollars domestically (and really has no presence internationally).  When it crosses the 50 million dollar mark, it will jump into the top five for the franchise.  Given its trajectory, it should easily achieve third place, but will have trouble knocking Boo! or Madea Goes to Jail out of the top spots.

Other Films.

The only real movement on the top ten came from Apollo 11.  The documentary featuring unreleased audio and video from NASA expanded nationally – and crucially into the IMAX theaters around the country.  It joins a growing number of high-profile documentaries to break into the top ten, adding 1.3 million dollars to its launch payload.

Other limited release films landed outside the top ten.  Badla, a Hindi language thriller, landed at number 16, while Ethan Hawke and Chris Pratt’s western, The Kid, limped into town at the 19th position.

Box Office Wrap Up: Captain Marvelous.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Captain Marvel  (153.0)

2.  How to Train Your Dragon 3  (14.6)

3.  Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral  (12.0)

4.  The LEGO Movie 2  (3.8)

5.  Alita:  Battle Angel  (3.2)

6.  Green Book  (2.4)

7.  Isn’t It Romantic?  (2.4)

8.  Fighting with My Family  (2.1)

9.  Greta  (2.1)

10.  Apollo 11  (1.3)


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