Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.

While Cars 3 took first place, All Eyez on Me defied expectations.

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.

The box office had a solid weekend all around, with most of the new films seeing strong returns.  Cars 3 grabbed the checkered flag, but without solid budget information, it’s hard to say if Pixar will be celebrating a victory lap just yet.  The undisputed winner was Lionsgate’s rap biopic, All Eyez on Me, which blew past expectations in its first week of release.  The one sad face this week belonged to ensemble comedy Rough Night, which had a rough weekend.

Box Office History.

The overall numbers were very good for Hollywood.  With 190 million dollars in total earnings, it is one of the strongest weekends in June, though Jurassic World still dominates the historical numbers.  The box office was up a solid 30% over last weekends earnings.  The solid performance of Wonder Woman and the strong earnings of new arrivals combined for a big take domestically.

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.
Who run the world?

Interesting historical comparisons abounded this week.  Wonder Woman continues to pile on as the strongest female led/female directed film, and it surpassed 570 million dollars worldwide so far.  Its domestic earnings put it on pace to pass Man of Steel and Suicide Squad, and it has an outside chance to rival Batman V Superman in domestic ticket sales.

All Eyez on Me had one of the best openings for a musical biopic with 28 million dollars.  It passed critically lauded films such as Ray and Walk the Line, and 2pac even managed to edge Biggie by surpassing 2009’s Notorious.  What it didn’t manage to overtake was last year’s Straight Outta Compton or 2002’s Eminem biopic, 8 Mile.  One thing that is apparent:  rap biopics make money.Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.

Pixar’s Dilemma?

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.
Umm, at least you beat Planes?

This brings us to the top film of the week: Cars 3.  There are no solid figures for Cars 3’s budget, but similar Pixar tent pole features have spent between 170 and 200 million dollars on just production.  The debut take of 53 million dollars was good enough for first place, but it does place Cars 3 in a sort of limbo.  It is less than both Cars and Cars 2, though only by about 10 million.  For other big sequels like Toy Story 3 or Monsters University, it is well below expectations.

Adding to the murky numbers, Cars 3 still has yet to debut in many big global markets.  It won’t hit much of Asia or Russia till July.  Pixar movies tend to make a bulk of their earnings overseas, so we won’t know how Cars 3 has fared for at least another month.

Top Three.

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.

Cars 3 took the top spot from Wonder Woman, though it is going to need more gas in the tank in order to live up to the Pixar track record.  With Despicable Me 3 right around the corner, Cars has its work cut out for it.

Second Place went to Wonder Woman, who continues to age gracefully.  With a decline of just 30% this week, we’ve seen Diana have remarkable staying power.  Strong word of mouth and critical praise is fueling the amazon’s staying power and I doubt that Transformers is likely to put much of a dent in her audience.

Third place went to Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez on Me.  This is another film that is unlikely to have any direct competition from new films, though you have to imagine Transformers 5 is going to suck some of the oxygen out of theaters this weekend, especially since it is premiering on a Wednesday instead of Friday.

The Rest.

Universal’s bet on foreign earnings for The Mummy appears to be paying off.  The film slipped to fourth place and only added 14 million to its total at home, but it added another 90 million in overseas’ earnings.

Surprise newcomer, 47 Meters Down, took a chomp out of the box office for 11 million dollars and fifth place.  This film was originally going to go straight to streaming, so such a strong showing for such an inexpensive film was a good bet.

At seventh Place, Rough Night got roughed up.  Many critics have bee quite pleased with the all female comedy, and audience scores were solid.  Almost everyone I read said the trailer did a horrendous job of selling the humor and tone of the film.  Unfortunately, the trailer is usually all that people see.  I was thoroughly put off by it, but maybe have to give it another chance.

Box Office Wrap Up: Cars 3 and All Eyez On Me Victorious.
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression…

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Cars 3  (53.6)

2.  Wonder Woman  (41.2)

3.  All Eyez on Me  (26.4)

4.  The Mummy  (14.5)

5.  47 Meters Down  (11.2)

6.  Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Me Tell No Tales  (8.9)

7.  Rough Night  (8.0)

8.  Captain Underpants:  The First Epic Movie  (7.1)

9.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2  (5.0)

10.  It Comes at Night  (2.6)

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