Box Office Wrap Up: Conjuring 2 Scares Warcraft into Second Place

There's that word "true" again...

Box Office Wrap Up.

Despite a big showing in China, Warcraft failed at home while The Conjuring 2 set a franchise record and took first place.

There's that word "true" again...
There’s that word “true” again…

With the exception of Warner Brother’s new horror film, The Conjuring 2, this was a bad weekend for the box office.  It is not surprising that 2016 failed to live up to 2015, since last year we had Jurassic World roaring its way through theaters in June, but this weekend was the second worst in showing for this time period in 5 years.  Despite being the blockbuster season, we’ve yet to find an actual blockbuster this summer.

The Conjuring 2 undoubtedly had the best outing this weekend, scoring a stronger than expected 40 million dollars.  This is nearly double the take from the first film, and was 3 million dollars stronger than the prequel, Annabelle.  A named sequel outperforming its original, especially in a horror franchise, is not that common.  The last time it happened was 2013’s Insidious Chapter 2.

Screw Azeroth, we're moving to Beijing!
Screw Azeroth, we’re moving to Beijing!

Warcraft took a distant second place with 24 million, nearly being bumped to third by the other new release, Now You See Me 2, which took in a middling 22 million (mildly under-performing the first film from 2013.)  Warcraft has dominated the foreign markets, making huge 280 million overseas, 160 of it from China alone.  We talked about that this weekend.  It stands repeating, though, how much of a new situation this is.  Many films have found greener pastures abroad as of late, but few have had such a stark contrast.  By all measures here, this movie is a flop.  By all measures abroad, this movie is a smash hit.  It’s a new (and increasingly likely) scenario where we’re likely to see a franchise continue on the power of foreign sales alone.

The rest of the field had a disappointing showing this week.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  Out of the Shadows had a 60% drop in its second week, taking a soft 14 million and only increasing its total to 60 million (against a 135 million dollar budget.)  It has not had much love outside of the States. X-Men Apocalypse saw a comparable decline of 56%…but it has nearly made its budget back in the US and made a Warcraft-esque showing of 340 million dollars abroad.  We may be in blockbuster season after all, just not in the US.

Bummer, dudes.

Top Movies

(In Millions)

1.  The Conjuring 2  (40.4)

2.  Warcraft  (24.1)

3.  Now You See Me 2 (22.8)

4.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  Out of the Shadows  (14.3)

5.  X-Men Apocalypse  (9.9)

6.  Me Before You  (9.0)

7.  The Angry Birds Movie  (6.5)

8.  Alice Through the Looking Glass  (5.6)

9.  Captain America:  Civil War  (4.3)

10.  The Jungle Book (2.7)

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