Box Office Wrap Up: Course Correction.

Box Office Wrap Up: Course Correction.

Crazy numbers are just another side effect of the weirdness hitting theaters.

Last week we reported that only a trio of films posted any numbers to Box Office Mojo, showing a stark decline in tickets. This week, BOM readjusted their numbers, adding a few smaller studios and some very large re-releases.

Normally I would just shrug this off…but I was already getting ready to course correct away from Mojo’s numbers. The Numbers has been way more consistent with its reporting, getting more studios to report and putting the figures up sooner. The only problem it invalidates a lot of trendlines. Oh well, if they were faulty trends based on bad data, I guess it’s better to bite the bullet.

This Week in Box Office History.

So. More decisions. One benefit of The Numbers presentation is that they don’t count re-releases. Now that BOM is juicing the numbers with wide release showings of Ghostbusters and Star Wars (not the new one, the good ones,) the box office looks a lot rosier…but all of the actual new films get squeezed out of the top ten. But they do represent people buying tickets…

So, for the foreseeable future, I’m going to break down trends for both sets of numbers here, and just do a top ten of new films only. Here goes:

Including Re-releases: the box office jumped 224%, taking in 2.7 million dollars on the strength of The Empire Strikes Back, Black Panther, and Inside Out.

Excluding Re-Releases: The box office rose 115% (still not shabby!) taking in 312 thousand dollars, with 2/3rds of that coming from IFC’s latest indie horror, Relic.

Box Office Wrap Up: Course Correction.
Summer 2020 will be remembered as the summer of horror, for so many reasons…

Top Film One Year Ago: Spider-Man Far From Home

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Despicable Me.

You know, this merchandising wet dream feels like its been around way longer than ten years.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke, together we can end Disney’s corporate risk aversion and unite the fanbase!

Top Films (July 10-12)

  1. Relic (195.6K)
  2. The Lodge (58.2K)
  3. Followed (27.7K)
  4. Becky (14.7K)
  5. The Wretched (13.0K)
  6. The Truth (1.6K)
  7. Guest Artist (.9K)
  8. The Fox Hunter (.4K)
  9. The Transcendents (.3K)
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