Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.

For a second week Crazy Rich Asians ruled the box office in the waning days of the summer season.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.As we enter the final weekend of the summer season, Hollywood can breathe a sigh of relief.  After a disastrous season last year, the box office seems to have rebounded nicely.  2018 may not set too many summer records, but thanks to the efforts of several surprise hits like Crazy Rich Asians the movie industry looks to be returning to form.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was down 24% from last week but up 75% versus last year.  As has been the refrain all month, it’s not hard to beat 2017’s numbers; the real challenge is stacking up against the rest of the decade.  In that regard, August has been just slightly better than average.  The weekend total was in the bottom half of the average with 6 years that were stronger.  Month to month, August is shaping up to be on the upper half of the tally, with just 4 years in the last decade being stronger.  That fits with the overall Summer picture:  Summer 2018 is not going to unseat 2013’s record, but it has the figures to make the top four or top three.

Top Film Last Year:  The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.

Top Film Last Decade:  Tropic Thunder.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.
There, there, let it all out…

Top Three Films.

The top spot remained with Crazy Rich Asians.  In its second week at number one the film dropped a miniscule 6%, one of the smallest second week drops on record.  Of the three new films this week, only Kin is releasing in more than 2000 theaters.  There’s a chance with such a strong hold that CRA could be in the top spot again next week.

The Meg swam into second, adding 12 million dollars to its cumulative take of 105 million domestically.  It has more than tripled that amount abroad, showing that the “market to Asia” trend is alive and well.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.
It blows!

The only wide release to crack the top three, The Happytime Murders pulled in a disappointing 9.5 million dollars.  The film had a rough early start, taking a beating with critics, which may have led to the dramatic fall off the film saw as the weekend wore on.  Word of mouth couldn’t have helped as it didn’t get much more love from audiences than from critics.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.
This didn’t hit with kids? Shocking.

Global Roadshow’s AXL barely hung on to the top ten, taking in 2.7 million in the final spot.  This dog flick barely got out of the kennel…though it did fare just a tad better on Rotten Tomatoes that Happytime Murders did.

Papillon, the remake of the Steve McQueen prison break flick, got stuck in movie jail.  It tunneled to 16th place with just over a million dollars.  Its per-theater average was not disastrous, but it’s hard to see it having the legs for much of a national expansion.

Box Office Wrap Up: Crazy Rich Asians Get Richer.
Charlie Hunnam can’t catch a break around here.

Top Ten Films

(In Millions)

1.  Crazy Rich Asians   (24.8)

2.  The Meg  (12.8)

3.  The Happytime Murders  (9.5)

4.  M:I Fallout  (8.0)

5.  Mile 22  (6.3)

6.  Disney’s Christopher Robin  (6.2)

7.  Alpha  (6.0)

8.  BlacKkKlansman  (5.0)

9.  Slender Man  (2.7)

10.  AXL  (2.7)

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