Box Office Wrap Up: Dawn of Justice Crushes Box Office, Critics

Box Office Wrap Up:  Haters gonna hate, Batman gonna make bank.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice survived having a terrible title and a full on press of negative criticism on its way to a record breaking debut.  Dawn of Justice set the all time March debut record at north of 170 million dollars, displacing former champs The Hunger Games and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Hear that, haters?  Batman and Superman kicked Katniss and Potter’s asses.  The film went on to make over 400 million dollars total this weekend, when you include all of the foreign markets.  Not too shabby for a film that’s sitting at less than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Everyone’s a critic…

The sweet sweet cheddar of IMAX and 3-D really helped to fill out the Dark Knight’s coffers, and it had an early advantage by opening up its Thursday previews to the 7 pm crowd.  The pre-sale for tickets on Thursday actually out paced last years big super hero romp,The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

That buys a lot of baklava
That buys a lot of baklava

The other new arrival, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, had a strong opening as well, raking in 17 million and slotting in at third place, just behind Disney’s Zootopia.  No news on their budget this time out, but since the franchise is more than a decade away from its last film, I have to assume they made this movie for a song.

The rest of the field had to settle for breadcrumbs.  While this week was up a whopping 75% from last years take, only three films really saw much of a benefit and were able to cross into the 10 million dollar range.  Deadpool managed to hang on for another week in the top ten, padding it’s crazy 355 million dollar domestic take.

What are you up to now, Mrs. Gump?
What are you up to now, Mrs. Gump?

Roadside Attractions expanded their critical darling, Hello My Name is Doris, to just shy of 500 theaters, and while it only made 1.6 million dollars, the per-screen ratio was eye catching.  The film, starring Sally Fields, is about an older woman who falls for a new (and much younger) coworker, and tries to update her life in order to get his attention.  I haven’t heard much about this project, but it’s written and directed by Michael Showalter who is one hell of a comedian.  Apparently also a smart tactician, expanding his film as counter-programming against the mostly young dude audience of Bat V Supes.

Top Ten

(In Millions)

10.  Risen  (.9)
9.  Hello, My Name is Doris  (1.6)
8.  London Has Fallen  (3.0)
7.  Deadpool (4.8)
6.  10 Cloverfield Lane (5.9)
5.  The Divergent Series:  Allegiant  (9.4)

4.  Miracles From Heaven  (9.6)

3.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2  (17.8)

2.  Zootopia  (24.0)

1.  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice  (166.0)


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