Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
Take some of that, Disney!

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.

An excellent sequel puts Deadpool on top of the box office yet again, this time bumping off Avengers: Infinity War.

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
Take some of that, Disney!

Any concerns that Deadpool was a fluke, or that he couldn’t go toe-to-toe with Disney’s Avengers have been put to rest.  While Deadpool 2 didn’t quite match the domestic totals of the first movie, it cruised into the books with a tremendous world-wide release.  The merc with a mouth kick-started the box office with record Thursday and Friday totals, leading to a 200 million dollar weekend for all films.  At this rate, we might not even need a strong effort from Solo: A Star Wars Story in order to shatter the monthly earnings record for May.

This Week in Box Office History.

Deadpool 2 just missed setting the record for R-Rated earnings, which is currently held by Deadpool 1.  With a final take of 125 million dollars, the film led a surge that put the box office up 48% from last week and 65% from last year.  The current month-to-date total for May is 683 million, just shy of the 735 million record held by 2012.  With Infinity War and Deadpool 2 still going strong, it’s a sure thing that next week’s premier of Star Wars is going to blast May 2018 to the top of the list.

Top Movie Last Year:  Alien – Covenant.

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
The new face of terror disappointment.

Top Movie Last Decade:  The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian.

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
Huh. They just kept making these, I guess.

Top Three Movies.

Deadpool 2 jumped to first place, knocking off Avengers: Infinity War.  The 125 million dollar opening for DP 2 was just half the story; Deadpool took the world by storm with a grand total of 301 million dollars.  Deadpool really has proven to be an unconventional franchise – the first film only premiered in China a moth ago and there is no scheduled release for DP 2 there.  It’s virtually unheard of for a film to A) not open in China, absent censorship issues and B) make that much money globally without relying on the Chinese market.  Wade Wilson will have a real test next week as Solo premieres in 4000 theaters, with a solid week of buzz behind its sails.

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
You got this, Wade.
Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
Josh Brolin is having one hell of a summer.

Marvel’s Avengers had to settle for second place after four weeks in the top spot.  The 3rd Avengers team-up added 28 million, bringing its domestic total to just under 600 million and its global take to 1.8 billion.  It still trails Black Panther and the original Avengers for Marvel’s all time list, and sits just below Titanic, The Force Awakens, and Avatar for the world wide list.

We get our next wide release, Book Club, in third place with 12.5 million dollars.  The film performed up to studio expectations, but it was decidedly lower than other films in the genre.  The same can be said of Show Dogs, which premiered in 6th place with 6 million dollars.  You could say it was a bit of a dog when it comes to canine comedies…

Other Films.

RBG held onto 10th place after expanding to just under 400 theaters nationwide.  The documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has put together two solid weeks in limited release, taking in just under 4 million dollars.  I guess Deadpool was premature in passing her over when selecting his new super team.

Box Office Wrap Up: Deadpool At It Again.
Every crew needs muscle, Wade.

Top Ten Films.

(In Millions)

1.  Deadpool 2  (125.0)

2.  Avengers:  Infinity War  (28.7)

3.  Book Club  (12.5)

4.  Life of the Party  (7.7)

5.  Breaking In  (6.4)

6.  Show Dogs  (6.0)

7.  Overboard  (4.7)

8.  A Quiet Place  (4.0)

9.  Rampage  (1.5)

10.  RBG  (1.2)


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