Box Office Wrap Up: Disney Triple Crown

Box Office Wrap Up.

Sorry Tony, you're going to have to settle for #2.
Sorry Tony, you’re going to have to settle for #2.

Disney managed a trifecta this weekend with three films in the top ten, grossing more than a combined 200 million dollars.  The lion’s share of the earnings came from Captain America: Civil War, the latest Marvel Studios release, which opened at 181 million dollars.  That figure makes Captain America the highest grossing stand alone franchise in the MCU, and the third best opening weekend right behind The Avengers and Age of Ultron.  That is a terrific weekend, but it seems like an afterthought since the film has already made a cumulative 676 million dollars worldwide.

In second place, The Jungle Book continued to age gracefully, putting away another 20 million dollars and marking its total domestic run at just shy of 300 million dollars.  The final piece of the tri-force was Zootopia, which came in at seventh place with 2.6 million dollars.  That film has been quietly making a ton of money and has already passed the 300 million total.  Adding it all up and we have Disney Studios already past the 1 billion dollar mark just a third of the way into the year, the fastest rush to a billion in movie history.  It’s too late to start buying stock, right?

She brought you into this world and THIS was the best you could do for her?! For shame.
She brought you into this world and THIS was the best you could do for her?! For shame.

Most every other movie took a mouse shaped beating this week with the exception of Mother’s Day.  Its 9 million take was good enough for third place.  While it may not sound like much, the film actually made more money this week than it did last week for its debut.  Despite scathing reviews, having a holiday in its title managed to fool enough people to take their poor unsuspecting mothers to this generic ensemble comedy.

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.  Captain America:  Civil War (181.7)

2.  The Jungle Book (21.8)

3.  Mother’s Day (9.0)

4.  The Huntsman:  Winter’s War (3.5)

5.  Keanu (3.0)

6.  Barbershop:  The Next Cut  (2.7)

7.  Zootopia (2.6)

8.  The Boss (1.7)

9.  Ratchet & Clank (1.4)

10.  Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice (1.0)


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