Box Office Wrap Up: Dory Still First on the Fourth

Box Office Wrap Up

Box Office Wrap Up.

Finding Dory remains the number one film for the third week running, besting The BFG, Tarzan, and The Purge.

The extended four day Fourth of July weekend saw a lot of business at the theater.  Overall, the box office was up 66% from last year.  The new releases all performed above expectations this week, though Disney/Pixar still retained the top spot with Finding Dory.  Dory has weathered the storm of 8 wide release films vying for first place, including a family friendly challenger in The BFG, and has continued to exceed predictions.

Box Office Wrap Up
Seriously underestimated how many people like a good monkey punching movie.

Audiences supported a variety of movies this weekend.  The three new releases took the second through fourth spots.  The Legend of Tarzan came in second, and despite taking a drubbing from critics and score aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes, it pleased audiences.  CinemaScore gave it and The BFG a sold A- from fans.  Each film managed to out-earn early estimates, leading to a weekend that was strong across the board.

Every Batch of Fireworks has a Dud…

Nobody can hear you flop in space.
Nobody can hear you flop in space.

The only film to really have a rough weekend was, ironically, Independence Day Resurgence.  While the film has made back its budget internationally, it still struggles to find any meaningful audience connection here in the US.  The film has definitely set its sights on foreign markets (pretty blatantly trying to court China in particular) but has found underwhelming results on both fronts.  As a rah rah flag waving movie it has failed to live up to its predecessor, yet it hasn’t become an overseas darling like this summer’s Warcraft movie.  It is hard to see where the franchise goes from here, and this may lead to diminished chances for Roland Emmerich to get his Stargate revival off the ground.

Don't think anyone is going to be using this in the near future...
Don’t think anyone is going to be using this in the near future…

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.  Finding Dory  (50.1)

2.  The Legend of Tarzan  (45.5)

3.  The Purge:  Election Year  (34.7)

4.  The BFG  (22.2)

5.  Independence Day:  Resurgence  (20.2)

6.  Central Intelligence  (15.0)

7.  The Shallows  (10.4)

8.  Free State of Jones  (5.0)

9.  The Conjuring 2  (4.5)

10.  Now You See Me 2  (3.6)


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