Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.

Dumbo took the top spot, though its success wasn’t quite the magic feather Disney hoped for.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.With the first Disney live action remake of 2019 in the books, the future of the trend is not any easier to spot.  While the film easily captured the top spot, it failed to match other remakes such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, or Beauty and the Beast.  As it is, it exists in a type of limbo, as it did do much better than recent live action Disney flicks (The Nutcracker, Mary Poppins 2).  The box office found itself in much the same situation, where solid numbers just failed to match up to the streak of successes for March releases.

This Week in Box Office History.

The overall box office contracted about 10% compared to last week, and 2% from last year when you look at all releases.  If you just go just by the top ten, the box office grew a modest amount from last year.  So, mixed blessings.

This shows that the strength of the current box office is mostly relying on the big blockbusters from early March: Us and Captain Marvel.  While Dumbo did add his 45 million dollar heft to the pile, that’s roughly on par with last year’s top flick, Ready Player One.  So the slight bump we saw in the top ten comes mainly from second and third place, where the recent releases easily outperformed last year’s fare.

Top Film Last Year:  Ready Player One.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.

Top Film Last Decade:  Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.
Egad, that CG!

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.
*Sad trombone*

Dumbo was the only new contender in the top three, snagging first place.  The film garnered 45 million dollars in the US and 71 million abroad.  Both of those numbers a bit worrying.  45 million dollar debuts tend to finish with between 150 and 200 million dollars – just a hair ahead of Dumbo’s 170 million dollar budget.  This means that foreign sales could be the difference between flop or hit status, but Dumbo has already opened in every location it is ever going to.  It only took 10 million in China, the bastion of saving Hollywood blockbusters.

Second place saw Us dip about 53%, taking in 33 million dollars.  That brings the domestic tally to 128 million dollars, pretty nifty compared to a 20 million dollar budget.  It is already well on its way to meeting Get Out‘s total take of 178 million dollars in the states.

Captain Marvel slipped to third place, adding 20 million dollars to its haul.  It is now just 10 million dollars of the global billion dollar mark.

The Rest.

The two other wide release films wound up on different end of the spectrum.  Unplanned managed to land at fifth place, matching its 6 million dollar budget with 6 million dollars in revenue.  Matthew McConaughey’s The Beach Bum barely rolled out of bed in the tenth spot, taking in just over 1 million dollars against an estimated budget of 5 million dollars.  Not a high bar to clear, but the film struggles to find an audience, and critics weren’t impressed.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.
…hard to see why…

Top Ten Films.

1.  Dumbo [2019]  45.0

2.  Us  (33.6)

3.  Captain Marvel  (20.5)

4.  Five Feet Apart  (6.2)

5.  Unplanned  (6.1)

6.  Wonder Park  (4.9)

7.  How to Train Your Dragon 3  (4.2)

8.  Hotel Mumbai  (3.1)

9.  Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral  (2.7)

10.  The Beach Bum  (1.8)

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