Box Office Wrap Up: Early X-mas For Universal

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Krampus Scares up an Audience this Box Office Weekend

krampus-Box office Wrap Up


What do you get the studio that has everything this Christmas? Universal has already had mega-hits Jurassic World, Furious 7, and Minions propel them to record-setting earnings.Well toss a low-budget horror film in their stocking as Krampus managed to defy odds and was the only new release to place in the Box Office this week. Krampus – produced for a mere $15 million earned that and more in its debut due to the positive feedback from movie-goers and critics alike, then factor in the build up to Christmas and you have a film with legs.

Meanwhile, the final installment (thankfully) of the Hunger Games added $18.6 million this weekend domestically,  passing $500 million worldwide. Lionhungersgate,hopes to keep the young adult market alive as Allegiant, the third film in the Divergent series is due out in March.

Creed and The Good Dinosaur were neck and neck all weekend but Creed managed to go the distance, earning $15.5 million to Dinosaur”s $15.4.  Creed has earned the highest opening for any Rocky film and continues at a solid pace while The Good Dinosaur dropped a painful 60% in its second week.  This has to be a bit of a disappointment to Pixar after the success they had with Inside out this summer.

Next week appears to be another slow week at the Box Office as we all wait for the Force Awakens to hit the theatres on the 18th, but there are still a couple of gems that may be worth checking out such as In The Heart Of The Sea and Legend.


Box Office Totals:

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2, $18.6 million

2. Krampus, $16.0 million

3. Creed, $15.5 million

4. The Good Dinosaur, $15.5 million

5. Spectre, $5.4 million

6. The Night Before, $4.9 million.

7. The Peanuts Movie, $3.5 million

8. Spotlight, $2.9 million.

9. Brooklyn, $2.4 million.

10. Secret In Their Eyes, $2.0 million.


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