Box Office Wrap Up: Falling Short.

Box Office Wrap Up: Falling Short.

September continues to implode as Hollywood resists releasing big-ticket films.

Last week I guessed we would continue to see the slow-moving train wreck at the box office continue. Tenet remains the only bankable film to hit theaters in almost a month. This week wide releases barely cracked the top ten. By the time the floodgate opens back up for big releases, it may be too late for many theaters.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office retracted roughly 20% compared to last week. This is the third week straight of similar declines, highlighting the steady retreat as early optimism for revived ticket sales have vanished.

The box office is just barely above where ticket sales stood in late August, having burned off the sugar high of Christopher Nolan’s big release. There are no wide release films slated for this week, which will probably see September end having coughed up all of its short-lived gains.

Top Film One Year Ago: Abominable.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps.

I’d say most people’s money is taking a nap right about now.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: In God We Trust (or Gimme that Prime Time Religion.)

Not in 2020 we don’t!

Top Three Films.

Not much change to the top three. Tenet took first, again, with 3.4 million dollars in sales. New Mutants remained in second, adding another 1.7 million. Unhinged jumped up a spot, taking number three with just shy of a million dollars in ticket sales.

Other Films.

Hollywood’s attempt to juice the box office with a proven winner failed to pick up steam: The Empire Strikes Back struck back yet again with under a million dollars in ticket sales.

To find a new movie, you have to go all the way to the bottom. Three films opened on the modest end of a wide release: Shortcut, The Last Shift, and Kajillionaire all released in more than 500 locations. Shortcut took seventh place, Last Shift took eighth, and Kajillionaire rounded out the pack with a total guaranteed not to make anyone an actual kajillionaire.

Top Ten Films

*In Millions

  1. Tenet (3.4)
  2. The New Mutants (1.1)
  3. Unhinged (.97)
  4. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (.90)
  5. Infidel (.76)
  6. The Broken Hearts Gallery (.50)
  7. Shortcut (.30)
  8. The Last Shift (.24)
  9. Kajillionaire (.21)
  10. Sponge on the Run (.14)

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