Box Office Wrap Up: Followed First.

Box Office Wrap Up: Followed First.

The latest social media horror flick snagged the top spot over the Father’s Day weekend.

The box office took a small step backwards this weekend, despite four new limited release films premiering. Followed unseated Becky at the top of the charts, leading to the tenth weekend in a row that a horror film was the top film. The other new releases finished outside of the top top three.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office shrank 14% this weekend. While horror films continued to earn well and dominate the top five, the bottom half of the top ten continues to struggle to find an opening. Besides True History of the Kelly Gang, the only films to see any success in the pandemic remains indie horror films.

I guess people really want MORE horror in their lives…

Top Film One Year Ago: Toy Story 4.

Fork that.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Toy Story 3.

Hmm. A trend!

Top Film 40 Years Ago: The Island.

Sorry. No more toy story movies. Just a Michael Caine pirate thriller.

Top Three Films.

Followed, from first time director/producer Antoine Le, opened to 127 thousands dollars, good enough for first place. It premiered in 44 theaters nationally, a solid opening for the pandemic era.

Box Office Wrap Up: Followed First.
Did you order a side of creepy with that?

Infamous fell to second place this weekend, earning just shy of 100 thousand dollars in its second week of release.

Becky rounded out the top three with 85 thousand dollars in domestic sales. It has notched 657 thousand dollars total so far, putting it in the running for the second film to hit one million dollars since most major theaters shut their doors.

Other Films.

Stardog and Turbocat, only the second animated film to see a limited theater release since the start of the pandemic, debuted in fifth place with 31 thousand dollars.

Miss Juneteenth couldn’t capitalize on the national attention for the holiday, earning just twenty thousand dollars in sixth place.

Babyteeth rounds out the last of the new release films in seventh place. It took in just two thousand dollars, despite releasing in twelve locations.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Followed (127K)
  2. Infamous (94.8K)
  3. Becky (85.0K)
  4. The Wretched (73.1K)
  5. Stardog and Turbocat (31.3K)
  6. Miss Juneteenth (20.9K)
  7. Babyteeth (2.4K)
  8. The Trip to Greece (.7K)
  9. Strike (.4K)
  10. Sex and the Future (.2K)

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