Box Office Wrap Up: Ford V Ferrari Laps Competition.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ford V Ferrari Laps Competition.

Ford V Ferrari floored the accelerator, but the box office is still out of gas.

Things are getting kind of serious here. The box office spun out, despite the number one film going well above and beyond early estimates. The rest of the field just ground their gears: only Ford V Ferrari took in more than ten million dollars at the domestic box.

This Week in Box Office History.

Historically, this weekend has been a bonanza. Big franchises like 007, Marvel, and Twilight have pulled in huge numbers. Apparently we’re out of blockbusters this weekend. The box office shrank nearly 40% from last year, and 11% from last week. The total take of 107 million dollars was the worst domestic total since 2007.

This is the second weekend in a row with a decades-worst take. We’re sitting at just 30% of last year’s take for November. The gap between 2018 and 2019 has widened back out to nearly 8%, after shrinking down to 3-5% earlier in the year.

There is a ray of hope, in Frozen II hitting theaters. The problem lies in that while Disney will inevitably get theirs, other films are unlikely to see a big boost. I don’t think people turned away from Elsa and Olaf are going to pop over to Midway, Charlie’s Angels, or Doctor Sleep instead.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ford V Ferrari Laps Competition.

Top Film One Year Ago: Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: 2012.

But it came out in…oh never mind.

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ford V Ferrari Laps Competition.
Don’t style on it. Nobody likes when you style on it.

Ford V Ferrari raced to critical acclaim and bigger numbers than expected. The star studded feature pulled in 31 million against a budget just shy of 100 million dollars. It should stand up well next weekend, since it’s audience was skewed heavily male and older. Not exactly the Frozen II crowd.

Midway continued to take on water in the second spot. The historical action epic bailed out shy of 9 million dollars, but is still well under-water when compared to its 60 million dollar budget.

Charlie’s Angels continued the trend of box office bombs. While a take of 8 million is not catastrophic against a 30 million dollar budget, it has lots of problems ahead. It’s take was a quarter of the revenue of the first two Charlie’s Angels films. It is also staring down an icicle to the heart care of Disney poaching its audience.

Other Films.

The last new wide release was The Good Liar. It performed on par, taking in a bit more than half of its budget of 10 million dollars. It has also had solid foreign sales.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Ford V Ferrari (31.0)
  2. Midway (8.7)
  3. Charlie’s Angels (8.6)
  4. Playing with Fire (8.5)
  5. Last Christmas (6.7)
  6. Doctor Sleep (6.1)
  7. The Good Liar (5.6)
  8. Joker (5.6)
  9. Maleficent Mistress of Evil (5.2)
  10. Harriett (4.7)

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