Box Office Wrap Up: Fourth Of July Fizzle

Inside Out Soars, Magic Mike and Terminator Go Boom

Sad Face
Sad Face…which is identical to happy face…

It appears most folks decided to barbecue and party for the 4th of July weekend as it was not a good one for new movie releases.

Inside out and Jurassic World both continued to dominate the top two spots as Terminator:  Genisys (read Neil’s review here) and Magic Mike XXL both failed to surpass the two heavyweights.

Perhaps a bigger story is that Inside Out finally unseated Jurassic World three weeks after opening, taking 29.7 million and 29.2 million respectively.

term chopper
Get to da choppa…so we can make back our budget in China!

Terminator, who perhaps had most to lose, disappointed by just grossing 27 million domestically. That’s not a pretty start for a film that cost $155 million to produce.  On the bright side, it is set to make good money overseas…which is where blockbusters look to clean up these days.

Poor reviews (a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer) and the fact that an aging Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer a Box Office draw most likely contributed to its poor performance.  The ludicrous trailers which failed to convey any of the best moments of the film, certainly didn’t help.

post magicWhile the ladies overwhelmingly supported Magic Mike XXL this weekend (with better than 90% of attendance!) it was not enough to bump and grind its way into the top three.

The film opened to $11.6 million over the three-day weekend. In comparison 2012’s Magic Mike made $39 million opening weekend on a $7 million budget.  Looks like Mike is really going to have to hang up his tear-away pants after this disheartening debut.

Ted 2 had another rough weekend, what with all the male audiences flocking to Jurassic World and Terminator and the ladies obviously preferring Magic Mike. Still, a drop of nearly 70% to just $11 million for the three-day weekend is a pretty tragic and bodes ill for the films longevity. At this point Ted 2 will be lucky to make its money back on home sales, and I can’t see a third entry in this series any time soon.ted 2 splash

 Top Ten

1. Inside Out Disney, $29.7 Million

2. Jurassic World, $29.2 Million

3. Terminator Genisys, $27 Million

4. Magic Mike XXL,  $12.8 Million

5. Ted 2,  $11.1 Million

6. Max, $6.6 Million

7. Spy, $5.1 Million

8. San Andreas, $2.8 Million

9. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, $1.2 Million

10. Dope, $1.1 Million


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