Box Office Wrap Up: Freaky Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Freaky Box Office.

The box office held steady on the strength of one new wide release and several holiday classics.

Vince Vaughn had a Freaky Friday (and Saturday, and Sunday) as his dark comedy, Freaky, took the top spot. The good cheer didn’t filter down the food chain, though, as most of the limited release films failed to crack the top ten. Despite that, a few strong re-releases helped keep the box office hanging on.

This Week in Box Office History.

Ticket sales held steady, improving just 2.4 percent versus last weekend. As has become the norm, the single wide release slotted in to the top spot and pushed the older films down a peg in chronological order.

The only blips on the radar this weekend were several re-release films such as Toy Story and Elf, which took up most of the spots in the bottom half of the list.

Top Film One Year Ago: Ford V Ferrari

Box Office Wrap Up: Ford V Ferrari Laps Competition.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Megamind

Top Film 40 Years Ago: The Idolmaker

Can’t say it rings a bell.

Top Three Films.

I’m not sure when Freaky became a wide release: either Box Office Mojo had it incorrectly labeled, or the studio saw that the runway was clear and decided to ramp up the theater count. It was a smart move, as the body swapping dark comedy easily took first place with 3.6 million dollars. That’s a great haul for a film that cost just 5 million dollars to make.

Go team!

Let Him Go slipped down to second place, taking in 1.7 million in its second weekend. It will have to show some staying power as it currently sits at 6.8 million dollars in earnings versus a 21 million dollar budget.

The War with Grandpa held in third place, earning 1.3 million dollars in it’s sixth weekend. It has pulled down 15.2 million dollars at home and about 5 million dollars abroad against its 24 million dollar price tag.

Other Films.

Speaking of staying power, Tenet just hit its eleventh weekend in wide release. It has plugged away in that time, helping to fill the hole of its gigantic 205 million dollar budget. It currently sits at 56 million dollar domestically and a hefty 297 million dollars internationally.

Top Ten Films

*In Millions

  1. Freaky (3.6)
  2. Let Him Go (1.7)
  3. The War with Grandpa (1.3)
  4. Come Play (1.0)
  5. Honest Thief (.77)
  6. Tenet (.73)
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy [re-release] (.40)
  8. True to the Game 2 (.28)
  9. Toy Story [re-release] (.22)
  10. Elf [re-release] (.17)

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