Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen 2 Thaws Box.

Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen 2 Thaws Box.

Disney delivers again with Frozen 2 pulling down impressive foreign and domestic numbers.

It was a foregone conclusion that Frozen 2 would be big. The only question was how big. The second outing in the series nearly doubled the domestic earnings of the first film, breaking records all along the way. Just by itself, it out-earned the rest of the field. Not all the numbers were good though.

This Week in Box Office History.

Frozen 2 finally broke the streak of lousy weekend numbers. The box office was up an electric 87% compared to last week. The caveat (because it wouldn’t be November without some bad news) was that it was down 5% from last year. Despite Frozen 2’s huge debut, other films struggled. Last year, Ralph Breaks the Internet led a Thanksgiving weekend where six films cleared 10 million dollars. This year, only three films hit that mark.

Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen 2 Thaws Box.
Just another pristine box office for Disney to pillage.

Frozen did shatter records. It’s global take of 350 million dollars is the largest animated opening ever. Frozen also has the largest November animated opening, and the fifth largest November opening of any film type. In a category owned entirely by Disney companies, Frozen 2 is the fourth largest domestic debut for an animated feature.

Top Film One Year Ago: Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen 2 Thaws Box.
see, Emoji Movie, that’s how you shamelessly insert product placements!

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Twilight – New Moon.

Speaking of things that broke the internet…

Top Three Films.

Frozen 2 stood alone at number one. It took in 130 million dollars at home and more than 350 million dollars worldwide. This dwarfs the original Frozen’s take of 67 million dollars. That film went on to make 1.2 billion dollars total and 400 million dollars in the States. Expect Frozen 2 to rival that global total.

Ford V Ferrari dropped into second gear, taking in 15 million dollars at second place. The film has taken in 57 million dollars against a 100 million dollar budget, so will require a couple more pit stops before being in the clear.

Some big shoes to fill.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood debuted at number three. The Mr. Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks pulled in 13 million dollars against a 45 million dollar budget. That could buy a lot of penny loafers, but it’s going to need to hold up well over the holiday weekend if it wants to win this epic battle.

Go ahead and ask Mr. T how insulting his loafers works out…

Other Films.

The weekend’s third wide release, 21 Bridges, had a rocky start in fourth place. The police thriller featuring Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman took in just shy of 10 million dollars against a 33 million dollar budget. Reviews have been mixed with the film sitting at about 50% on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Even on a bad weekend, dude’s got style.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Frozen 2 (130.2)
  2. Ford V Ferrari (15.7)
  3. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (13.2)
  4. 21 Bridges (9.2)
  5. Midway (4.6)
  6. Playing with Fire (4.5)
  7. The Good Liar (3.4)
  8. Charlie’s Angels (3.2)
  9. Last Christmas (3.0)
  10. Joker (2.7)

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