Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen Thanksgiving Feast.

Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen Thanksgiving Feast.

Disney’s Frozen 2 continues to dominated the box office during a solid holiday weekend.

The box office picked up steam this weekend, finally delivering good news in November. Frozen 2 retained the top spot and continued to put up eye-popping numbers. Unlike previous weeks where Disney dominated, the surge in ticket sales helped all films, especially the two new wide releases.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office put on some pounds the weekend after turkey day. It was up 66% compared to the final week of November last year. The caveat is that last year the Thanksgiving holiday weekend fell a week earlier. Comparing the 5 day Thanksgiving period saw 2019 shed 19% compared to 2018’s take. Still, sales numbers were good across the board.

Top Film One Year Ago: Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen 2 Thaws Box.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Twilight – New Moon.

Top Three Films.

Frozen 2 took the top spot, pulling down 86 million dollars domestically over the traditional 3 day weekend. Adding that to the record numbers it has put up around the world brings us to an astonishing global take of just under 750 million dollars in only two weeks of release. It’s a forgone conclusion that Elsa and Anna will be joining Disney’s other 1 billion dollar movie club very shortly.

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out twisted the knife for 26 million dollars in second place. That beat studio projections and positions the movie nicely against a 40 million dollar budget.

Box Office Wrap Up: Frozen Thanksgiving Feast.
Enjoy yourself.

Ford V Ferrari posted another 13 million dollars in third place. The film has continued to age gracefully, dropping just 16% in its third week and actually adding screens.

Other Films.

Our other wide release, Queen and Slim, just missed landing in the top three. It also beat early predictions to take in just under 12 million dollars. That’s a strong start against its modest 17-20 million dollar budget.

Both new films, Knives Out and Queen and Slim, scored well with audiences and critics. That should keep them in good positions as only one new wide release hits theaters next weekend, Playmobil the Movie.

Plenty of gas left in their tank.

I really don’t see that film, which had a rocky production cycle when its original studio folded, make a big splash. The Lego Movie 2 had much bigger name recognition and had a disappointing run earlier this year.

This movie suffered money problems? I’m shocked, I say, shocked.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Frozen 2 (85.9)
  2. Knives Out (26.7)
  3. Ford V Ferrari (13.1)
  4. Queen & Slim (11.8)
  5. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (11.7)
  6. 21 Bridges (5.5)
  7. Playing with Fire (4.2)
  8. Midway (3.9)
  9. Last Christmas (2.0)
  10. Joker (1.9)

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