Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.

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Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.

Jordan Peele’s horror film Get Out has a great debut squaring off against The Oscars.

Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.
What a difference a year makes!

Despite The Academy Awards and the associated films being in the limelight this past weekend, it was an unconventional horror movie by a first time director that made the biggest noise.  Jordan Peele, one half of the comedy duo Key and Peele, made his big screen debut (in a starring role…besides, nobody saw Wanderlust…) last year in Keanu.  That comedy failed to leave much of an impression.  One year later, he was behind the camera, directing his first film, a horror no less…and the results were much better.

Top Three.

Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.
Those are tears of joy. Terror-joy.

Get Out, a horror film with smatterings of comedy and social satire, was a ringing success.  The film took in over 30 million dollars, had an eye-popping 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and had pretty much every critic raving.  For a non-traditional and non-franchise horror film, that opening total is amazing.

The 33 million opening was more than enough for first place.  It managed to bump the reigning champ, The LEGO Batman movie, down to the second spot.  A weekend take of 19 million and an overall take of 133 million at home, The LEGO Batman is doing quite well…though it is unlikely to challenge the original LEGO Movie for lifetime take.

Third place went to John Wick Chapter 2.  That was a reversal of fortunes for the Keanu Reeves led film, which was at fourth place last week.  The film has aged gracefully, and it has made an impressive 75 million dollars domestically.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.
Sure…blame it on the dame….Dick.

Speaking of the Oscars, how did the nominees do on the final weekend before the big show?  Hidden Figures held strong at 7th place, and is far and away the highest earning film in the best picture field.

Just one spot lower was La La Land at 8th place.  It too has remained a perennial member of the top 10 since it’s nomination.  Winning best picture should really help it out next week…wait, what?  Moonlight won?  How the hell did the presenters mess that up!!!

Finally, Lion managed to jump back into the top ten at the 1oth spot.  I’m sure that the studio appreciates this.  Despite being nominated in multiple categories (and being one hell of a film) Lion has just not had the earnings to match its pedigree.

The Losers.

The other new films from last weekend did not fare well.  Rock Dog, an animated yarn about a Sheep Dog trying to become a musician, made a paltry 3.7 million dollars and finished outside the top ten.

Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.
Can we all put in a nickel and convince Ben Kingsley to stop making movies?

Collide, a mish-mash action film/heist flick with an absurdly top heavy cast (including Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins) did even worse.  The film finished in 13th place and took in only 1.5 million dollars.  Unless everyone concerned agreed to take their pay home in the form of burned tires and broken windshields, then I think you can say this film is the first gigantic failure of the year.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Get Out  (33.3)

2.  The LEGO Batman Movie  (19.2)

3.  John Wick: Chapter 2  (9.3)

4.  The Great Wall  (9.1)

5.  Fifty Shades Darker  (7.7)

6.  Fist Fight  (6.5)

7.  Hidden Figures  (5.8)

8.  La La Land  (4.6)

9.  Split  (4.0)

10.  Lion  (3.8)


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