Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.

One more Glass pun, I dare you...

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.

Apparently the only way to talk about Glass’ performance is lousy puns.  Buckle up, buckaroos, here I come!

Glass didn’t quite shatter the January record, but it was clear that M. Night Shyamalan‘s new film cleaned up at the box office.  I guess we should have tempered our expectations.  It really panes me to keep making all of these Glass-based puns.  Despite a Split reaction from critics, Glass was Unbreakable when it came to earnings.  My 6th Sense tells me that these are Signs that the January box office is turning around.  I’m sure Hollywood is glad that is Happening.

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.
One more pun, I dare you…

Sorry for all that.  I saw that every news story about Shyamalan’s latest flick gleefully abused the title and felt I needed to get in on the act.  As bad as the puns were, Universal must be plenty pleased with the performance of Glass.  The film has done brisk business at home and abroad and flirted with breaking several January records.  FUNimation also scored a coup when Dragon Ball Super: Broly not only made the top ten, but powered up to fourth place.  With that being said, not all of the numbers this week were so rosy.  I guess its a “glass half full or half empty” situation.

That’s it, I warned you!

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.
That’s more data than you can shake a fake baby at!

The box office seemed to suffer from multiple personalities this week.  If you look at the traditional three-day figures, it was down for revenue when considering all films but up slightly when considering just the top ten.  Compared to last weekend, it was up between 6 and 12%, once again depending on all films or just top ten.  If you switch to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday numbers, the picture changes again and the box office jumps 13/25% compared to last year…but once again there’s a caveat.  When you compare 2019 to the last year to have MLK Jr. Day fall this week, the box office take of 153 million looks anemic compared to 2016’s 200 million.  It looks positively dreadful compared to 2015’s 250 million dollars, back when American Sniper was number one with a bullet.  So, the box office was a little bit better than last week but not really what you’d consider a giant holiday weekend.

Glass just missed some records:  it is the third largest film to open on MLK Jr. weekend, and is the fourth largest January release.  That goes a long way to explaining why the top ten’s numbers are so much better than the overall box office.

Top Film Last Year:  Jumanji.

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.

Top Film Last Decade:  Paul Blart Mall Cop.

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.
Well, at least we’re not stuck in that January film season.

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.
Lots of people cheering this one on.

Glass had a big debut weekend, edging 2017’s Split for the best opening in the Unbreakable Trilogy with 40.5 million dollars domestically.  It did equally well abroad, taking in 48 million.  That’s good news, as Glass has a unique revenue structure due to Unbreakable and Split being properties of two different studios, Beuna Vista and Universal.  BV gets the foreign profit while Universal gets the home dollars, so its a happy coincidence that the current, ahem, split is so even.

Second place went to The Upside, which held strong from last week’s better-than anticipated premier.  It has cleared 47 million dollars at home, easily covering its 38 million dollar budget.  What?!  This movie spent 40 million dollars?  On a comedy…starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart?  Glass only spent 20 million and had three A-list celebrities plus big fight scenes.  Oh well, get that paycheck Kevin.

Aquaman barely edged Dragon Ball Super for fourth place, taking in 10.1 and padding its 306 million dollar domestic total.  It remains the 4th largest DCEU film when you look at domestic totals, but when you factor in it’s gigantic foriegn box office take it is only one more good week away from becoming the largest DC comic movie of all time.  Yes.  Aquaman is about to beat up Batman at the box office.  I don’t believe it either.

Other Films.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly landed at fourth place, but that ranking is speculative.  The numbers for the film are coming from outside estimates, not from the studio itself.  It could actually have passed Aquaman if the high end numbers are correct.  Something tells me FUNimation didn’t expect Broly to go Hulk mode on the American box office.  Dragon Ball’s last movie was considered a success when it made 2 million on opening and 8 million total in the US.  Broly has cruised past that number in just one week.

Box Office Wrap Up: Glass Takes First, Inspires Dozens of Puns.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Glass  (40.5)

2.  The Upside  (15.0)

3.  Aquaman  (10.1)

4.  Dragon Ball Super:  Broly (9.3-10)

5.  Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  (7.5)

6.  A Dog’s Way Home  (7.1)

7.  Escape Room  (5.6)

8.  Mary Poppins Returns  (5.2)

9.  Bumblebee  (4.7)

10.  On the Basis of Sex  (3.8)


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