Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.

Despite a smaller debut than expected, Godzilla still managed to claim his throne at the box office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.
It’s a bit smaller than the original…

We’re in another good news/bad news period at the box office.  For WB and Legendary, it’s good news that Godzilla King of the Monsters took the top spot.  The bad news – it performed significantly lower than Godzilla 2014 and Kong Skull Island.  For the overall numbers, it’s fantastic that Summer 2019 is actually outpacing 2018 and shrinking the gap with that record breaking year.  The bad news – 2018 was the third worst summer season in the last decade, despite the whole year being the biggest on record by the end.  Let’s break down the numbers.

This Week in Box Office History.

The total box office was down a modest 5% from last week, while being up a hefty 61% from last year.  Summer has just begun, but already this year is pacing 9% ahead of the same period last year.  This has the benefit of shrinking the gap between the two years, at one point a gaping 16% whole, down to a competitive 8%.  If 2019 can have a solid summer season, especially after two bad summers in a row, we could have a real run at back-to-back record years.  There are several big franchises lined up for June: X-Men, Men In Black, and Toy Story all could keep the pressure on.  With guaranteed money makers like Fast and Furious, IT Chapter 2 and Star Wars batting clean-up, summer will be crucial to 2019’s fate.

Top Film Last Year:  Solo – A Star Wars Story.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.

Top Film Last Decade:  Up.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.

Top Three Films.

Godzilla stomped its way to first place, taking in 49 million dollars at home and 180 world wide.  That last figure is crucial, as the budget is a monstrous 170 million dollars.  The big green lizard’s fortune was all over the place this weekend.  Early buzz had the film underwhelming, but Thursday sales and ticket pre-sales were solid.  Based on this, the projected earnings bloomed from 45-50 million up to 55-60 million dollars.  Then the weekend set in, and Godzilla returned to its baseline.  Turns out the early projections matched the final result of just under 50 million dollars.  Critically, the film was mixed to poor, though fans gave it the same exit poll score as the first Godzilla.

Aladdin drifted down to second place, though its 42 million dollar second week wound up making first place a tight race.  The film dropped 53%, but managed to reach the magic number of 185 million dollars domestically, at least covering its production budget.  For recent live-action Disney offerings, that’s excellent news.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.
…excellent news if you like Disney just shamelessly rehashing their old films, that is.
Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.
Not too shabby.

Third place went to musical biopic Rocketman, which rocketed past expectations with 25 million dollars in earnings.  No doubt the film made more people’s lists based on the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, but critics and audience reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for the Taron Egerton project.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Godzilla, King of the Box Office.Octavia Spencer‘s thriller, Ma, also boasted strong numbers.  Against a 5 million dollar budget the film packed away 18 million dollars domestically.

In Avengers Endgame VS Avatar news, Endgame had yet another large drop.  The film sank 54% to take in 7 million dollars domestically in its sixth week…which is what Infinity War made in its seventh week.  What looked like a forgone conclusion for Endgame unseating Avatar for global all-time is now back in doubt.

Top 10 Films.

1.   Godzilla King of the Monsters  (49.0)

2.  Aladdin  (42.3)

3.  Rocketman  (25.0)

4.  Ma  (18.2)

5.  John Wick Chapter 3  (11.1)

6.  Avengers:  Endgame  (7.8)

7.  Pokemon Detective Pikachu  (6.6)

8.  Booksmart  (3.3)

9.  Brightburn  (2.3)

10.  The Hustle  (1.3)

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