Box Office Wrap Up: Good Boys, Bad Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Good Boys, Bad Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Good Boys, Bad Box Office.

Good Boys had a fantastic weekend.  They were pretty much alone in that.

The box office struggled again under the weight of five new wide releases.  Universal and its R-rated comedy, Good Boys, benefited from the chaos.  The other four films failed to make much of an impression.  That includes 47 Meters Down Uncaged and Angry Birds 2, which added fuel to the dumpster fire that summer sequels have become in 2019.

Box Office Wrap Up: Good Boys, Bad Box Office.
It’s not all bad.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office downsized by 10% from last week and 8% from last year.  Looking at the yearly comparison, it was the second worst showing in a decade for this same weekend.  It was the slowest weekend for revenue of Summer 2019 so far.

See. There’s some good news. Kinda.

Looking for silver linings, Universal managed to pass some crucial milestones.  It became only the second studio to cross the billion dollar mark for domestic totals, behind Disney.  Of course, Disney passed that mark back in Spring, three movies and 1.2 billion dollars ago.  As another good sign, it held the top two spots with Good Boys and Hobbs & Shaw.  It’s held the top spot for three straight weekends, not a mean feat with five new films challenging them both weeks.

Top Film One Year Ago:  Crazy Rich Asians.

Box Office Wrap Up: Alarm Clock?
Still crazy, after all these (one) years.

Top Film Ten Years Ago:  District 9.

We definitely are not getting the yearly recommended dose of Sharlto Copley in 2019.

Top Three Films.

Good Boys made good on early positive buzz.  It snapped up first place and 21 million dollars.  Both audiences and critics have been positive to the coming of age comedy.  Unfortunately, it made less than Jacob Tremblay’s last film, so he still has to hear about The Predator some more.

Tough luck, kid.

Hobbs & Shaw added 14 million dollars in its third week, posting a total of 133 million at home and 430 million world wide.

The Lion King refuses to abdicate the top three.  It posted 11 million dollars in third place.  From all sales, it has nearly hit the 1.5 billion mark.  Kinda puts Universal’s billion in perspective, doesn’t it?

Other Films.

The first casualty on the list was Angry Birds 2.  At 10 million dollars, it made only about one quarter of what the first film premiered at.  While it was good enough for fourth place, its a far cry from a success.

Sorry, nobody home.

Two spots down at sixth, 47 Meters Down Uncaged was the next summer sequel to take a thrashing.  It managed 9 million dollars, 3 million dollars less than its predecessor.  It fell short of fellow recent shark flick, The Shallows, by about 7 million, and made 4 million less than the last creature feature flick, Crawl.

Blinded by the Light was the last wide release to find its way into the top ten.  It landed at number 9 with 4 million dollars.  Cate Blanchett’s Where’d You Go Bernadette? disappeared entirely.  It took in 3 million in eleventh place while also receiving a drubbing from critics.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Good Boys (21.0)

2.  Fast & Furious Present – Hobbs & Shaw (14.1)

3.  The Lion King  (11.9)

4.  The Angry Birds Movie 2  (10.5)

5.  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  (10.5)

6.  47 Meters Down – Uncaged  (9.0)

7.  Dora and the Lost City of Gold  (8.5)

8.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  (7.6)

9.  Blinded by the Light  (4.4)

10.  The Art of Racing in the Rain  (4.4)

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