Box Office Wrap Up: Goosebumps for Halloween?

Jack Black (Plus Monsters) Connect at the Theaters

See, subtle comedy!
See, subtle comedy!

It was a frightening weekend to be a new wide release, with four new films competing with Ridley Scott’s aerospace thriller, The Martian and four fresh holdovers from last week.  Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg hooked up again for an espionage thriller, but the real star this weekend was Jack Black as R.L. Stine in Hollywood’s big screen homage to the Goosebump series of children’s novels.  As a star who usually is showcasing his inner child, it was refreshing to see Black play the adult for once (an erratic adult, but more in line with his excellent Be Kind, Rewind role than his manic turns in films such as School of Rock and Year One.)

I'm beginning to think Spielberg just likes spraying Tom with water at this point.
I’m beginning to think Spielberg just likes spraying Tom with water at this point.

Spielberg and Hanks had to settle for third place, despite receiving excellent marks from both critics and fans.  The Martian remained in orbit, nabbing second place this week.  It has nearly grossed 150 million in just three weeks, an excellent outing.  How hard do you think the execs at Fox studios are sweating Andy Weir to start writing a sequel?

The other two new contestants fared less well this week, with Crimson Peak fainting into fourth place and faith-based sports film, Woodlawn, getting sacked at the ninth position.  In other big flop news, Pan ran aground for its second week in a row, netting a paltry 5 million in sales.  That is the kind of shipwreck where you can expect studio heads to start walking planks any day now.

Jesus, looks like a funeral in here!
Jesus, looks like a funeral in here!
We couldn't do better than this?
We couldn’t do better than this?

Overall, the box office contracted from 120 million in combined ticket sales from 2014 to just 111 million this year.  Not a hair-raising drop, but significant seeing as last year had a very similar selection of films, the biggest of which was Fury (which only was totalling 23.7 million, so a dead heat with this years Goosebumps.)  Those handful of flops are really dragging the rest of the numbers down with them.

Here’s the rest of this week’s score card:

  1.  Goosebumps, 23.6 million
  2. The Martian, 21.3 million
  3. Bridge of Spies, 15.3 million
  4. Crimson Peak, 13.1 million
  5. Hotel Transylvania 2, 12.6
  6. Pan, 5.8 million
  7. The Intern, 5.4 million
  8. Sicario, 4.5 million
  9. Woodlawn, 4.0 million
  10. The Maze Runner 2:  Scorch Trials, 2.8 million


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