Box Office Wrap Up – Gravity Lifts Off

Gravity Box Office Wrap Up Deluxe Video Online
Facial cues are key to Gravity's emotional heft.

Box Office Wrap Up: Gravity Sets Record for October


Gravity Box Office Wrap Up - Deluxe Video Online

Luckily for movie goers in what would have been an otherwise terrible weekend for Box office releases,  Alfonso Cuaron‘s 3D space epic launched to the tune of 55.6 million, Making the 35 – 40 million predictions look modest.

Gravity was lifted by an masterful job marketing and building hype for the release, but really benefittied from a stunning amount of critical praise. Seriously folks try to find  bad reviews for this film, I tried and can count them on one hand.

It’s clear that Gravity is setting the bar for all Oscar aspiring films, and hopefully laying the groundwork on how 3D should be utilized in film. Look for full review shortly.

Runner Stumbles

 nner Runner Movie - Box office wrap up - Deluxe video online

Justin Timberlake is a massive star, A pop Icon that has transitioned to film well. Ben Affleck – A big star in his own right and a darling of the Oscars. You have got to love Runner Runner’s chances at the Box Office.


Yeah… Not so much. Runner Runner comes in third behind Cloudy 2 At an abysmall 7.6 million or just about half of the 15 million opening they were predicted. Widely panned as boring and bland this Gambling “Thriller” was luckily made for only 30 million and should recoup some of that.

Box Office Wrap Up for October 4 – 6, 2013

1 Gravity $55.55M   2 Cloudy 2 $21.50M   3 Runner Runner $7.60M   4 Prisoners $5.70M   5 Rush $4.41M   6 Don Jon $4.16M   7 Baggage Claim $4.13M   8 Insidious 2 $3.88M   9 Pulling Strings $2.50M   10 Enough Said $2.15M

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