Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.

Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.
Exploding the box office in style.

Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 delivers the goods all over the world.

Marvel Studios doesn’t need to worry about the shine rubbing off their franchise apple any time soon.  With 12 movies so far, fan fatigue does not seem to be a factor.  With GotG 2’s successful debut, the studio has emphatically cemented the first week of May as the start of the summer blockbuster season.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.
He’s seen rough times, but you have to give Spidey and Sam Raimi credit where it’s due.

Super hero movies have made the first week in May their stomping ground for close to twenty years.  Spider-Man kicked off the phenomenon way back in 2002, with what at the time was an unheard of 100 million dollar weekend.  The next year, Fox got in on the action with X2: X-Men United.  Since that time, super hero movies (all based on Marvel comics, if not directly produced by the studio) have been the top grossing film for 11 out of 16 years.

Top Film.

Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.
Exploding the box office in style.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 got off to a hot start internationally before arriving in the states last weekend.  Domestically, they lit up the box office for 145 million dollars, and they’re rapidly closing in on the 500 million dollar mark in total revenue.

The 145 million dollar mark is the 5th best opening for a Marvel Studios movie, and 9th on the list of comic book adaptations.  It bested the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie by 50%, and is highly likely to end up in the billion dollar club by the end of its run.

Top Three.

Second Place went to The Fate of the Furious, which has just cleared the 200 million dollar mark domestically.  While their earnings this weekend were hardly a fraction of GotG, it is quite a feat that a movie with such a similar fan base managed to remain in second place.

Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.
I still don’t get it.

Third place went to…The Boss Baby?  This movie has been in the top five for ages, and shows no sign of dropping out any time soon.  It’s darn close to making half a billion dollars in total earnings.  Not many people think of Fox as a heavy hitter in the animation wars on the same level as Pixar or Dreamworks, but between the Ice Age and How to Train Your Dragon franchises, they’ve got quite the portfolio of big money makers.

The Rest (or:  I will now gush about Baahubali 2 some more.)

Box Office Wrap Up: Guardians Go Global.
Seriously, go see it already.

As no other film dared make a wide release against Marvel’s money printing machine, there’s very little change in the rankings.  One thing I will note is that personal favorite, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is still doing brisk business state-side.  It was the 3rd highest grossing film last week, and remains in the top ten this week at number 7 with 3 million dollars in sales.

The overall figures may not seem impressive, having earned a touch more than 16 million dollars in two weeks, but here’s the math:  the film only cost 18 million dollars to make when you convert it into US dollars, and it has made nearly 60 million dollars in overseas sales.  It is the highest grossing film to come out of India (having just passed my other favorite, Dangal.)  The first movie in the series, Baahubali: The Beginning, is the third highest. Quite the success story.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2  (146.5)

2.  Fate of the Furious  (8.5)

3.  The Boss Baby  (5.9)

4.  How to Be a Latin Lover  (5.1)

5.  Beauty and the Beast  (5.0)

6.  The Circle  (3.9)

7.  Baahubali 2:  The Conclusion  (3.3)

8.  Gifted  (2.0)

9.  Smurfs:  The Lost Village  (1.8)

10.  Going in Style  (1.8)

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