Box Office Wrap Up: In The Heart Of The Sea Shipwrecks

in the heart of the sea box office

Hunger Games wins fourth straight weekend while Heart Of The Sea drowns at the Box Office

In The Heart of The Sea Box Office


While it’s still on pace to be the lowest-grossing film of the franchise,The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 added another $11.3 million for an impressive $244 million in the U.Shunger games box office. and $564 million worldwide — good for sixth place on the list of the year’s top films domestically and tenth place worldwide. It may not be a big as a hit as it’s predecessors but those are still some pretty good numbers.Good enough in fact that Lionsgate has hinted at potential prequels and spinoffs.

In the Heart of the Sea, starring Chris Hemsworth, was the only major new wide release this weekend, but was mostly ignored by movie-goers. Universal had a risky play here sneaking this film in the weekend before The Force Awakens launches. Unfortunately the gamble didn’t pay off as In The Heart Of The Sea – with a $100 million albatross around its neck sank with an estimated $11 million earnings.

While Heart Of The Sea was an incredibly ambitious project, the lackluster results can’t squarely be put on the anticipation to The Force Awakens however. Many critics felt that despite the epic preportions the film reached for it failed to deliver. Neil says it best in his review of In The Heart Of The Sea:

sea poster

“In the Heart of the Sea is an ably crafted film that just fails to rise to the level of greatness. 

An over-reliance on staid and true elements of the genre it is attempting to resurrect lead to the project feeling like a ghost of a larger story.”

With Christmas break around the corner, the film may recieve a small bump in earnings, but without positive word of mouth and the glut of new releases due out I’m afraidThe Heart Of The Sea may be dead in the water.

The lackluster Good Dinosaur film was able to hold onto third place while Creed had a decent continuing weekend with $10 million as well. Krampus fell just 50% to $8 million,and is doing very well for a low budget horror film.

Box Office Totals:

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2, $11.3 million

2. In the Heart of the Sea, $11 million

3. The Good Dinosaur, $10.5 million

4. Creed,” $10.1 million.

5. Krampus, $8 million

6. Spectre, $4 million

7. The Night Before, $3.9 million.

8. The Peanuts Movie, $2.7 million

9. Spotlight, $2.5 million.

10. Brooklyn, $2 million.


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