Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.

The Hellboy reboot wound up in a lake of fire, while Shazam retained the top spot.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.
Things did not go well.

The spring box office rebound faltered this week as several new releases fizzled.  Hellboy managed to make only half of what Guillermo Del Toro‘s 2004 original made.  Laika continues to struggle to find a market for their animated films as Missing Link posts the worst wide release opening in the studio’s history.  Little was the only wide release to find its footing, nabbing a strong-than-expected second place debut.  All of this was music to WB, who saw Shazam! become the first film to repeat in the top spot in nearly a month.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office shrank sharply this weekend.  Sales were off 24% against last week’s total and 26% against last year’s take.  This is fairly bad news, seeing as the middle of April has historically been a bit of a dull spot.  Next week lacks a really big premier, and history shows that the numbers are probably going to be as bad if not worse than this weekend.  I guess we’re all waiting on Thanos and the Avengers to snap April’s losing streak out of existence.

Top Film Last Year:  Rampage.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.

Top Film Last Decade:  Hannah Montana the Movie.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.
Like I said, mid April’s been kinda meh.

Top Three Films.

Shazam! called upon the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of familiarity to remain at number one.  It added 25 million dollars to its US earnings, settling in just shy of 100 million in its first two weeks.  It remains to be seen if it will have the insanely long tail that Wonder Woman and Aquaman had, or if Avengers will steal most of its thunder.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.Little popped into second place, having the best weekend of the new releases.  Regina Hall has been killing it at the box office, earning big with comedies like Little and Girls Trip, while also making solid bank with thrillers (When the Bough Breaks) and dramas (The Hate U Give.)  Given her track record, you can expect Little to wind up in the 50-75 million dollar range – not bad for a 20 million dollar budget.

The Hellboy reboot struggled into third place.  It took in 12 million dollars against a 50 million dollar budget.  The film seems unable to shake early poor reviews and behind-the-scenes troubles.  It’s hard to see where this film, which banked half as much money as the original (and a third less money than Hellboy II), goes from here.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.
Back to the drawing board.

Other Films.

The other two new films finished towards the bottom of the list.  After, a sexy drama, made it to the eighth spot with 6 million dollars.  It fared well with a female targeted demographic, which may help it counter-program amidst all of the super hero shenanigans.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.Studio Laika’s Missing Link became the latest headache for the company.  It premiered at ninth place, making just under 6 million dollars.  Budget estimates have the film at an eye popping 100 million, though every other Laika film has posted a generic budget of 60 million dollars each.  Either way, this bigfoot film is going to struggle mightily to make even the lower estimated budget back.

Laika has been an animated studio that has really not found a niche.  Its only solid success came early in its life, with Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Coraline, which each managed to pass 110 million dollars world-wide.  Since then, it’s been constantly diminishing returns.  Even with Oscar buzz, Kubo and the Two Strings languished, and had hardly any legs abroad.  It seems foolhardy to have spent 60-100 million dollars on films that rarely make more than 50 million dollars domestically.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hellboy Damned.
Any profits behind this door?

Top Ten Films.

1.  Shazam!  (25.1)

2.  Little  (15.4)

3.  Hellboy [2019]  (12.0)

4.  Pet Sematary [2019]  (10.0)

5.  Dumbo  [2019]  (9.1)

6.  Captain Marvel  (8.6)

7.  Us  (6.9)

8.  After  (6.2)

9.  Missing Link  (5.8)

10.  The Best of Enemies  (2.0)


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