Box Office Wrap Up: Hidden Figures Adds Another Win.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hidden Figures Adds Another Win.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hidden Figures Adds Another Win.

The historical drama Hidden Figures remained on top during the MLK holiday, but new releases faltered.

While many of the new releases and expanding productions failed to live up to expectations this weekend, the overall box office was fairly healthy.  The traditional three day frame was down only very slightly from last year (and again, The Force Awakens was still knocking around, making big bucks) and the extended weekend due to Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday brought the overall total to slightly above last year’s take.

Top Three.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hidden Figures Adds Another Win.Hidden Figures managed to retain its top position over the long weekend, bringing its running total to 55 million dollars domestically.  The historical drama had a nearly negligible drop in sales week over week, but also added nearly 800 theaters to its roster.  Overall, this film is hitting its stride.

Second place went to La La Land, which undoubtedly saw increased interest after cleaning house at the Golden Globes awards.  It actually saw both an expansion in theater count and in raw sales figures.  I don’t think this is the best movie of 2016…but it sure is making a lot of noise just a few weeks away from the Oscar nominations.  The strong performance of La La Land helped to drive Star Wars Rogue One all the way down to 5th place.

The third slot went to Universal Studios’ musical animated feature, Sing.  This film has really managed to ride the wave between all of the indie films jockeying for award show attention and the tsunami that was Rogue One.  It has consistently been in the top five, and has made a quiet fortune, much like Zootopia did last year.Box Office Wrap Up: Hidden Figures Adds Another Win.

The Rest.

At fourth place we finally see one of the new releases…and not any of the ones we were expecting.  STX’s horror film, The Bye Bye Man, exceeded all estimates and came out strong with 14 million in sales.  STX has been killing it in the horror genre as of late…ba dum ching.  They have the low budget, high return formula down to a science, and they are consistently offering new IPs instead of prequels and sequels like many of the other big horror studios.

Fifth place sees Rogue One starting to run out of steam, but not before it managed to cross the 500 million dollar mark.  It is comfortably in the top three earning films of 2016.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hidden Figures Adds Another Win.
Generic Mark Wahlberg drama is generic.

Lionsgate’s expansion of Patriot’s Day ended up in sixth place.  While it did go from 30th to 6th in one week, it did not make the kind of money everyone expected.  It should have performed much like other jinjoist drama’s like American Sniper or Sully, but failed to really grab eyeballs.  At least it outperformed Live by Night.  The Ben Affleck drama also expanded aggressively, but failed to even reach the top ten.

The other wide releases all ended up towards the bottom half of the list.  Monster Trucks took 7th with 10 million dollars.  It actually scored well with audiences, but 10 million dollars versus a 125 million dollar budget is horrendous.  How did anyone think it was a good idea to bet 125 million on an untested franchise with very little star power?

Coming Soon Trailers: Bye
VROOOOOM…fail. Again.

Jamie Foxx’s police drama Sleepless wound up below Monster Trucks in 8th place.  It’s not such a bad finish, though well short of hopes, and it only has to juggle a 30 million dollar budget.

Top Ten Films

(In Millions, Traditional 3 Day Weekend Figures)

1.  Hidden Figures  (20.8)

2.  La La Land  (14.5)

3.  Sing  (14.2)

4.  The Bye Bye Man  (13.5)

5.  Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story  (13.4)

6.  Patriots Day  (11.6)

7.  Monster Trucks  (10.9)

8.  Sleepless  (8.3)

9.  Underworld:  Blood Wars  (6.2)

10.  Passengers  (5.3)

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