Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman’s Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman's Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman’s Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard managed to beat expectations but the box office continued to flounder.

There are two positive notes from the continuing debacle at the box office:

  1.   The Hitman’s Bodyguard exceeded predictions and grossed over 20 million dollars.
  2.   The historically bad box office keeps hurdling other lousy years, so at least I get to talk about different years in comparison each week.

That’s pretty much it.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman's Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.
Hollywood sure could use a doctor right about now.

At first it looked like the box office was going to be the worst August since 2004.  Then we sank right past that mark and it looked like our new target was 1998.  Now 1998’s total of 386 million in August looks like a bonanza compared to our current total of 197 million.  At this rate, our next candidate is 1991, with a total of 241 million.  (Because I love context, the #1 movie in August of 1991 was the Michael J. Fox comedy, Doc Hollywood.)  Seeing as this weekend slipped 20% in revenue and next week’s new arrivals are on the anemic side, an August that finishes around 250 million sounds just about right.

Top Three Movies.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman's Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.
You boys look like you’re doing just fine.

The top spot went to Lionsgate’s foul-mouthed buddy flick, The Hitman’s Bodyguard.  Early projections had this film running neck and neck with Annabelle Creation for first place, but the Ryan Reynolds/Samuel L Jackson flick grew legs on Saturday and finished a full 6 million dollars higher.  As we’ve said, that was the only bright note this week.

Second place went to Annabelle Creation, which added 15 million dollars to its running total of 64 million.  That’s a pretty solid haul for a spin-off sequel to a prequel.  Annabelle Creation will likely overtake the first Annabelle movie for total earnings, but is very unlikely to pass either Conjuring films, each of which earned more than 130 million dollars domestically.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman's Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.
Maybe there’s something to the Logan family curse after all.

The third spot went to Logan Lucky, the other new release film to premier this weekend.  Its take of 7 million is a good deal shy of the projected 10 million it was supposed to make.  I enjoyed the film and it is doing extremely well with critics, but that has failed to translate into audience interest.  A CinemaScore of B is indicative of a film that really hasn’t found a foothold, which is surprising given how well the Ocean’s Eleven franchise did.  I guess Channing Tatum is pretty, but not Brad Pitt pretty.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hitman's Bodyguard Survives Bloody Weekend.Doing summer flop triage, The Nut Job 2 looks to be in the most danger.  Dropping to fifth place, it has only stored up 17 million acorns against a 40 million dollar budget.  Maybe everyone took our See It Instead recommendations literally?

The next patient on life support is The Dark Tower.  While it fell to ninth place, it has managed to make back 40 million of its 60 million budget domestically, with another 30 coming in from foreign sales.  On paper its broken even, but marketing costs and the likelihood that it falls out of the top ten next week don’t leave this patient in a very healthy condition.

One pleasant note is that Girls Trip has crossed the 100 million dollar mark domestically.  I’d love to see the folks going on about how a female-led comedy can’t make money choke on that number.

Wind River, a murder mystery thriller, expanded by 600 plus theaters and managed to leap all the way from 20th to 10th position in its third weekend.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  The Hitman’s Bodyguard  (21.3)

2.  Annabelle: Creation  (15.6)

3.  Logan Lucky  (7.6)

4.  Dunkirk  (6.6)

5.  The Nut Job 2  (5.0)

6.  The Emoji Movie  (4.4)

7.  Spider-Man: Homecoming  (4.2)

8.  Girls Trip  (3.9)

9.  The Dark Tower  (3.7)

10.  Wind River  (2.9)


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